Foreign governments in Spanish energy companies

Mariana Mazzucato He is one of the most cited and authoritative economists today. His thinking seeks a synthesis between the new left, prone to extreme interventionism and subsidy policies, and classical (not neo) liberalism. His latest book, ‘Entrepreneurial State’, was published in Spanish and advocated the fundamental role of Spanish in promoting, developing and promoting, taking risks, new business and innovations that benefit the private sector.

Mazzucato is a board member of Italian energy company Enel, which controls 70.1% of Spanish energy company Endesa. The Italian State also owns 23.6% through the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Inside. After a long process that started with the failure of the takeover bid, Italy indirectly controls 18.62% of the Spanish company, which was taken over by the Italians. Natural gas In September 2005 in Endesa.

The Spanish State does not have a stake in large Spanish energy companies in which different foreign states participate in one way or another. In the case of Italy, which competes with Spain to become the distribution hub for gas from North Africa, the future of Enel and Endesa’s strategy depends on the strategic decisions the Prime Minister’s new government can make of Giorgia Meloni. Endesa, as a result of the merger between Sevillana of electricity Y DateIt ceased to be available to the public in 2007 sepiaAfter the privatizations initiated by the governments, which is a state enterprise, it sold the remaining 2.95% of its shares. Philip Gonzalez and José Maria Aznar.

If Italy dominates Endesa, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund becomes the first shareholder of Iberdrola, the first Spanish energy company to own 8.69% of the capital. Third shareholder of the company, headed by Ignacio Sánchez Galán, after the fund manager Black RockNorway sovereign wealth fund Norges Bankwith 3.36%. Iberdrola has signed an alliance to develop renewable energy worth €1,200 million with Scandinavian funding. Norges Bank, whose CEO is appointed by the King’s Council of State Harald V. He holds shares in 9,000 companies worldwide, at the offer of the Norwegian Government, and his presence as an investor is in major Spanish energy companies.

Yes replyAs a result of the privatizations carried out in Spain in the 1990s, today it has the main shareholder Norges representing a State; cesaA company founded in 1929 by private Spanish investors came to an end with the passage of time in its old orbit. the central bank (unified Spanish American Bank and eventually bought by Santander Bank) and is controlled by today exchangeThe world’s 13th largest independent wealth fund from Abu Dhabi. The remaining 38.5 percent share is from the US mutual fund. Carlyle.

Abu Dhabi also owns 3,103% of Spain’s main gas distributor. enagas. Fully immersed in the hydrogen distribution development project, the company assumed the presidency. Antoni Llarden It bought 4% of the strategic natural gas pipeline connecting Azerbaijan and Europe. Its first shareholder is BlackRock with 5.002%, followed by the Spanish State through Sepi and Amancio Ortegafounder inditex, both with 5%. Until 2015, Enagás held 5% of Oman’s sovereign fund as a shareholder.

Presence of foreign states in the capital of Spanish big energy companies, sonataAlgeria’s business, where we import most of our gas, and whose role increased after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sonatrach owns a 4.1% stake in Naturgy (formerly Gas Natural) and is then the fourth shareholder. Caixa Foundation and international funds Rioja, GIP Y global infrastructure. Sonatrach owns 51% of the gas pipeline MedgazCombining Algeria with Spain, Naturgy and BlackRock control the remaining 49% in equal parts. Sonatrach also has 30%. Cepsa GasA company that joins Medgaz until 2020. Energy route plan studies are continuing.

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