Iran sentences a couple dancing on the street to 10.5 years in prison

Amir Mohammad Ahmadi and Astiaj Haguighia young couple of bloggers, Sentenced by Iranian justice to ten and a half years for dancing in the street. The young people recorded a video of them dancing in Tehran’s central Azadi square and posted it on social networks. Paradoxically, the name of the square in Spanish means ‘freedom’.

The Iranian regime interpreted this action as supporting the demonstrations that have been held in the country since September, following the killing of Iranian youth Mahsa Amini by ISIS. morality police.

The couple were arrested on November 1, as public dancing is prohibited in Iran. Moreover, women can only dance in front of their relativesand that doesn’t include their fiancee as in this case. To Young Astiaj Haguighi He was also prosecuted for not wearing a headscarf..

Iranian justice has also banned bloggers from posting anything on the internet, and said on Monday they will have to leave the country for two years after serving their prison sentences. IranWireAn Iranian media outlet in exile.

during his trial they were not allowed to hire a lawyer and since he was arrested released on bail. Iranian media also assured their relatives that they pressured their relatives to remain silent and that the arrest was carried out with extreme violence.

The 15th Division of the Tehran Revolutionary Court accused them of “inciting corruption, assembly and collusion with the aim of undermining national security and spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic”. IranWire.

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