Four arrested in Alicante “after” drug smuggling

This National Police last sunday morning hours later Alicante Arrested 4 people between the ages of 28-48 for trafficking various types of drugs in the entertainment venue, which is also open in the morning. He also raised more than one twenty sanctions laws For possession or consumption of drugs.

The police action was carried out by police officers from the Citizen Service Groups, who patrol the city 24 hours a day and prevent crime. in different devices performed by Alicante Provincial Police Station To ensure public safety, and in particular the enjoyment of safe leisure, the agents began to conduct a private security check in a public place known as “after”.

Agents entered the building early last Sunday morning and demanded the lights be turned on and the music turned off, at which time police were able to confirm that there was a black table in front of the music booth containing traces of narcotic substances. especially cocaine.

backpacks with drugs

The police investigated disc jockey booth and found several backpacks containing varying doses of cocaine, speed, marijuana, ecstasy, and other drugs, all probably made for him. sales to participants To the party.

In addition to these drugs, agents conducted a superficial examination of people in that area and identified larger amounts of narcotics: more than twenty doses of cocaine and close to 300 euros in highly divided bills. In this place they arrested three people for drug trafficking and later wardrobe manager After discovering a small safe hidden behind several floors, in which he hides a scale, four bags of cocaine, another bag of hash, and more than 320 euro bills and nine telephone terminals.

Citizens Security Brigade police also drafted more than twenty sanctions on detainees for the possession and consumption of narcotic substances, which matched the format and presentation of material with those seized.

Source: Informacion


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