The best bread for making homemade torijas

arrives blessed week and someone’s time with it recipes desserts most popular in our country: french toast. Torrijas has it all, it’s as delicious as it is simple, it’s as nutritious as it is caloric and therefore etypical dessert of these dates. French toast, designed to make use of leftovers, is one of the recipes that takes us back to our childhood. That’s why we tell you today how to make homemade torijas Y what is the best bread to prepare themAccording to the OCU.

Why are torrijas the typical Easter dessert?

This french toastwho’s? Specification Based on a slice of bread, milk and sugar, scrambled eggs and oil, they have historically been the most important dessert in the world. Holy Week in Spain. it’s because of him great energy valuebecause a single serving provides over 400 kilocalories, which makes them a Food very suitable for fasting previously held during Fasting.

What is the best bread for making french toast?

As with almost everything french toast recipe Every master has his own number. But the secret to good french toast is to choose the bread well and reply what is the best bread for making famous torijas it can become as heated debate as a tortilla with or without onions.

this is true Torrijas are traditionally prepared with stale bread. A few days as it combines the softness of bread soaked in milk with the firmness necessary so that French toast can be beaten and toasted without falling apart. Now we know that hard bread is better but,What kind of bread should we use to make french toast?? Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducted a survey and the results are as follows:

  • loaf bread: According to the OCU, if you choose this bread to make French toast, it should be from the day before. It needs to stay in the milk mixture for a long time in order for it to get wet and the crust to soften. In addition, it is important to buy large slices, otherwise they will open and scatter together with the milk.
  • White bread: With a soft, very firm crumb and low moisture, this bread is very suitable for making French toast, but it is also preferable to have it from the previous day. It is important that it is well soaked in milk so that it has a hard crust.
  • Ciabatta bread: Ciabatta bread is often not well suited for making French toast due to the number of holes it has, making it difficult to keep it soaked in milk.
  • Bread: Although its texture is soft and breaks easily, it can be a quick fix for making French toast, or in this case French toast, if we are careful. It is recommended to use thick slices.
  • Oven Torrijas Bread: Often high in gluten, fat, and sugar, this bread has a consistent crumb and soft crust. The torijas from this bread are good and the markings on the stick are designed to make the slices the right size.
  • Industrial french toast: Although not the most traditional, the result is good as the crumb is very compact and the crust is very soft. Additionally, some come already flavored with cinnamon and sliced.

Then,what is the best bread for making torrijas? According to the OCU, ciabatta and thinly sliced ​​bread should be excluded. As for the best, specialty French toast breads are the best alternative because of their ease of operation and good results, although the cost is slightly higher than that of a traditional loaf of bread.

TORIJAS RECIPE | How to make homemade french toast and what is the best bread to make them? INFORMATION

How to make homemade torijas?

  • 1 loaf of bread

  • 1 liter of milk cooked with orange peel, lemon, cinnamon and optionally sugar

  • eggs for dough

  • Liquid oil

  • sugar and cinnamon

  1. Cut the bread into curved slices, preferably about 2 centimeters thick, with a serrated knife so that they are well soaked.

  2. After the milk is cooked and warmed (without cooling), we spread it on the bread slices.

  3. Let them soak well for at least an hour.

  4. Drain well, and then pass the slices through the beaten egg.

  5. Fry the French toast in a pan with the right amount of oil.

  6. After frying, place on a plate and decorate to your liking: with sugar and cinnamon, with honey, syrup, sweet wine, jam or whipped cream.

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