This is how pensions will stay in Alicante in 2023

A new record in retirement spending in Alicante. This Social Security allocated this month of January 342 million € to pay more 332.000 contribution fee in effect in the province, That’s 11.3% more than in the same month last year, according to data released by the public agency this Tuesday. An amount that, as experts recall, represents a significant injection of funds for the local economy and contributes decisively to maintaining consumption levels, beyond the debate over the sustainability of the system.

This increase in the pension payroll in Alicante – higher than that recorded at the national level at 10.7% – was both revaluation of average amounts the increase in the latter received by the beneficiaries. Thus, after the large amount of revaluation and new benefits of 8.5% approved by the Government, half board Grows up to 9.74% in the province and for the first time surpassed the thousand-euro psychological barrier. especially, in 1,029.06 €.

Yes, significant progress that does not serve to cut distances with the rest of the country, because Alicante retirees still earn 13.5% below the national average, what does it matter about 160 euross per month In this sense, people from Álava continue to be retirees with the highest monthly salary, with an average of 1,498 euros, while Orenseans receive the lowest at 880 euros.

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A difference, as reminded by economist and professor emeritus at the University of Alicante (UA) Ignacio Jimenez Raneda It is nothing but a reflection. continuing wage and income gaps between different regions of the country, albeit undermined by the existence of minimum and maximum pensions, which gives the system “a certain redistributive character”, depending on the production patterns and the sectors that dominate in each.

In the case of Alicante, the amount of benefits is affected by the presence of: multi-seasonal sectorssuch as tourism, nougat or shoes, where many employees do not work all year reduces trading transactions. On the contrary, weight of the most developed sectorslike new technologies that pay the highest wages, still too smallor in the local economy as a whole, this also determines a lower level of income, which is transferred to the public good when it comes time to retire, because unions never tire of repeating to demand improvement in this area.

In this context, it should be noted that 27.1% of pensions in the province – more than five points above national level – include: completes the minimums, the supplement paid by Social Security if the resulting amount falls below the minimum pension set by law, based on the benefits paid during the beneficiary’s lifetime. When it comes to women, this rate reaches 32.7%.

by genre

The highest pensions by pension type pension, with an average of 1,166 euros in the province. They are followed by permanent disabilitywith 1.015 Euros; of these widowhoodwith 767; the family benefitswith 670; and those orphanhoodWith 420 Euros.

Besides the increase in the average amount, another part of the increase in the global payroll of pensions in the province increase in the number of benefits Paid by Social Security in Alicante, arrives this January 332,539. More than a year there are 4,786representing an increase of 1.46% or 1.46%, well above the 0.88% where the figure has risen nationwide.

Jiménez Raneda highlights the significant injection that pensions represent for the local economy, emphasizing that their improvements will contribute to the local economy. maintain and increase consumption levels at the same time In the region, because this group allocates a greater part of their income to direct expenditures, for example than high-income people who have more savings.

If current figures are maintained, supplementary pensions will represent an influx of around 4,800 million euros for the provincial economy this year, marking a new maximum.

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A pending reform of the agreement between government partners

After the change in the revaluation system, the Government is waiting for the second part of the pension reform, which it promised to Brussels in return for the bailout funds, which will aim to make the system more sustainable. A reform that puts coalition partners who are part of the executive into conflict. José Luis Escrivá, Minister of Inclusion and Social Security, suggested increasing the years taken into account in calculating the pension from 25 to 30 and discarding the worst two; this approach was explicitly rejected by Podemos. a benefit cut. However, Escrivá assures that 30% of future retirees will benefit from it, and that the number of those affected will be much smaller on the contrary. Currently, with the latest data, in the case of Alicante, the rate of active employees per retiree is 2.36%, above the level that guarantees the theoretical sustainability of the system. The problem will emerge over the next few years as members of the “baby boom” generation reach retirement.

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