Agriculture begins procedures to increase compensation for trees destroyed by xylella

Isaura Navarro, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Energy Transition, held the first meeting of 2023 this Tuesday, with those responsible for phytosanitary in his ministry, various agricultural organizations and affected groups to monitor the xylella fastidiosa plague.

Between 2017 and 2020, plague affected 63 municipalities in the Valencian Community, most of them in the province of Alicante, with a total of 4,611 positive samples from 21 different plant species. The latest data disclosed to the public at the meeting held by the technical delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture shows that 286 new positive cases were detected in 14 different plant species.

More money for each tree

Isaura Navarro insisted that the price paid for each tree affected by this pest, especially almond trees, should be increased. Currently, the maximum price for each torn copy is 28 euros.. A study commissioned by the Ministry of the Polytechnic University of Valencia will determine what the amount will be in effect in the future.

The Minister also emphasized. Agriculture will increase the spread of aid for new tree plantings so that those affected are aware of these subsidies.This program will facilitate access procedures to promote the care of s and crops and increase assistance.

Source: Informacion


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