Robbery in rural areas fell by 25% in Alicante province

theft in the agricultural sector Alicante I know reduced last year 25 percentData for 2020 and 2021 are strongly impacted by the covid restrictions, well above the average decline recorded in the Community of Valencia of eight percent compared to the reference year 2019. In any event, the number of these agricultural thefts in the Community is below the national average, with such crimes growing by 9 percent.


It was disclosed by government representative In the Valencian community, Pilar Bernabé, during the rural safety working group meeting. Pilar Bernabé stated that the data on crimes in agriculture and animal husbandry in 2022 are positive, adding, “We must continue to look for coordination and communication formulas so that people who are devoted to agriculture feel completely safe and protected.”

The largest decrease in crime in rural areas of the entire Community occurred in the province of Alicante, where they fell. 25% decreased by 5% in Valencia and increased by 6% in Castellón.

The data of 2022 in animal husbandry reflects a much more positive situation than in agriculture. According to the Government Delegation, these crimes decreased by 3% in Spain, while in the Community of Valencia there was a significant decrease of 34% compared to 2019.

Meeting at the Government Delegation in the Community of Valencia.

For the Government Delegation, these figures reflect the significant work carried out by the Government Delegation. State Security Forces and Corps. “Many of the crimes committed in rural areas have been clarified and in some cases it has even been possible to retrieve property,” the government delegate said. Clarification of crimes increased by 9 percent in 2022Compared to 2019.

During the meeting, alongside Agriculture Minister Bernabé, isaura navarroPresident of the High Court of Justice of the Commonwealth of Valencia, Olive Columnand representatives of agricultural organizations. The meeting discussed the need to encourage people who are victims of crime in rural areas to file complaints.


The Government Delegation will coordinate with other relevant self-government and representative organizations. farmers, ranchers and waterers publicize the complaint handling procedure among the industry. In this way, it will be possible to obtain truthful information on the number of criminal offenses that have occurred in order to mobilize the necessary means to deal with this crime.

“We will launch an awareness campaign through the Agricultural Councils to communicate the need to notify farmers and ranchers so that FCSEs know where and how to act,” Bernabé explained, adding that all possible efforts will be made for this. help and make this complaint more agile and effective.”

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