Minimum wage: employer raises 1,040 euros and unions reaches 1,100 euros

The interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) for 2023 is still uncertain. The Ministry of Labor presented unions this Wednesday proposals for their experts to reassess this salary base, which is currently €1,000 (on 14 payments) gross per month. Employers fired the department’s negotiators, led by Yolanda Díaz, after they brought in a reinforcement to the Labor Inspectorate to stop you for no reason. However, employers have sent written proposals to upgrade the SMI and 1.040 €. While the power plants claim to go further and put it in its place, 1.100 €.

They avoided getting wet from the Department of Labor and determining what the final figure of the SMI would be. Council of Ministers for what It is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). Differences within the manager don’t help resolve the positions, and Díaz has yet to specify whether he will accept the unions’ claims, fulfill job demands, or choose an alternative figure.

His initial prediction was to bring the revaluation of SMI to the next ministerial meeting. December 27last day of the year, although the extension of the negotiations may cause them not to make it to that date, the negotiations will last until January and their approval may need to be retroactive. something more two million workers At the expense of what the minimum wage will look like as of next month, especially for young people, women, immigrants and small company workers.

The Department of Labor will once again call social agents once again. new meeting -a date has not been set yet – they will already submit their official offer for the increase with a certain number. “We insisted there had to be a government proposal,” the CCOO union action secretary insisted after Wednesday’s meeting. mari cruz vincentreferring to differences within the coalition on this issue.

From idyll to deadlock

This social dialogueStarring in a tripartite idyll at the head of the legislature and after the outbreak of the pandemic, it is currently experiencing its lowest hours. CEOE kept his word and, feeling “betrayed” by Yolanda Díaz, suspended all dialogue with him. Minister of State for Employment, Joaquin Perez Reymet only with CCOO and UGT to discuss whether the minimum wage should be raised to EUR 1,046 or EUR 1,082, as government experts raised. When the businessmen were not at the table, the centers demanded the transition to the band that guarantees the most workers’ rights, demanding that the SMI be increased even more. pensions (+8.5%).

However, employers changed their criteria and wanted to enter the SMI negotiation. They propose an increase to 1,040 euros, slightly below the minimum range recommended by government experts, but above the increase for civil servants (3.5%) and the increase suggested by the Government. Ministry of Economy (3%). In addition to cutting operating fees for companies in the field and the Government updating public contracts to reflect the increase in prices.

Centers discussing loss purchasing power Due to the increase in workers’ prices last year, employers productivity per person employed below pre-pandemic levels and growth prospects GDP they are worse than originally expected for next year.

What vice-president Yolanda Díaz made clear this Wednesday morning is that the inter-occupational minimum wage will continue to rise, and according to government calculations, 60% of average salary Spanish. This is one of the recommendations european social contractThe executive had ratified this in the coalition agreement and committed it before the legislature expired.

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