Geneticist Borinskaya talks about how genes affect the risk of becoming an alcoholic 13:06

The contribution of heredity to the risk of developing alcoholism is generally estimated to be 40-60%, but in each case the influence of genes and environment will be individual. In addition, these data may be inaccurate – when examining the influence of heredity on drinking, it is difficult to separate genetic factors from social ones. This was told by a doctor of biological sciences, head of the genome analysis laboratory at the Institute of General Genetics. NI Vavilov RAS Svetlana Borinskaya.

“First, the interaction of genes with environmental conditions, that is, gene-environment interactions, plays a role in the formation of alcohol dependence. Second, the study of alcohol-related problems is complicated by the many social factors associated with alcohol consumption, which greatly complicates these studies. Therefore, people who drink moderately often have a higher income, a higher education level, and are more successful. At the same time, they consume alcohol mainly in the form of good wine, and not in the form of spirits. Strong alcohol does much more harm to health.

It is difficult to compare a group of moderate drinkers with heavy drinkers, among whom there are many who have lost their jobs, have no stable income, and therefore buy not a bottle of wine, but a cheap pharmacy tincture. high alcohol content. Their health is deteriorated not only by high doses of alcohol, but also by their lifestyle. They rarely go to the doctor,” he explained.

Read more about whether genes can protect a person from alcoholism and whether there is a “drunken brawler gene” in the material.

Source: Gazeta


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