‘He said he was his guardian’: This is how the coach accused of raping his player behaved

“He introduced himself as his legal guardian: he drove her to matches and practice, acted as his legal representative, and everything that affected her must have been through him.”. They describe the behavior of coach Francisco RT, who was accused of repeatedly raping a minor for three years, according to sources from the Molins de Rei Football Club, where the accused and the victim spent two seasons. Various members of the organization who communicated during both the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 seasons detail a situation of complete isolation in which they do not know how to see what is lurking. The girl left the sport while training in 2016. CD Fontsanta Fatjó by Cornellà de Llobregat, and dared to denounce him. She continued to train girls at Fontsanta, at least until last May.

It was a situation of complete isolation. A fully controlled and pre-engineered drowning allegedly allowed continued sexual harassment and assault without a single alarm. According to the letter from the prosecutor’s office, which this newspaper has access to, the coach’s harassment began in June 2013. At that time, Molins was also playing for Rei CF. Specifically, in one of two women’s teams in the junior category. In the other, Francisco RT worked as a coach. “But he was always aware of it, everything that affected him had to pass through him.“, describe club resources.

Both played for Molins de Rei club in the same season. In the previous one, he was the coach at Levante Las Planas from Sant Joan Despí. “When we signed him, he brought in some players,” Molins sources said.Among them was a victim. He used the family’s vulnerability to avoid arousing suspicion and to perpetrate the alleged abuses. They came from Morocco and did not know how to speak Spanish. His family gave him powers to process all the files and documents of the little football player. The isolation he imposed using his power was great enough to reset the relationship between club and family. “He told us he was his legal guardian and we underestimated this difference of treatment, we never met the parents,” they say of the Molins club.

Relationship with a club mom

allegedly, The first abuses were committed in these two seasons. In the first, he wasn’t his coach, but he was already controlling everything he did. In the second, two women in the same category merged and began reporting directly to him, along with another coach. By having the family’s full trust and exercising this false guardian role, the abuses never occurred on the club’s premises, but outside, in his car or even at his home. There was little doubt that he had a stable relationship with his mother of two children who trained at the club. Today, members of the board of directors shudder, saying, “His daughter is a victim.”

After these two seasons, the coach chose a new location: CD Fontsanta Fatjó. He recruited several players, including Kurban, to his new team. The Molins club lost track of him as soon as he stepped on the Cornellà team’s turf. He stopped playing in 2016 when he dared to denounce all abuses.. He continued training at Fontsanta until at least last May 2022. The minutes of the Catalan football federation show this.

continued education

No one from Molins knew what had happened until El Periódico de Catalunya from the Prensa Ibérica group contacted the club. Even Mossos d’Esquadra didn’t correct them while conducting their police investigations. “And in Fontsanta? How come they hired him as a coach when she reported him?” Many ask themselves. It is a question that will remain in the air, as it is impossible to communicate with the managers of this sports club.

It is true that from 2015, coaches and anyone working with minors must present proof of criminal record. However, it’s likely that FRT has a clean file, at least not for this case, as he doesn’t have any firm convictions. However, to date, the contradiction is clear and unequivocal: this alleged rapist continued training and therefore is in close contact with the girls’ teams. Either Mossos d’Esquadra, aware of the crimes attributable to them, did not report what had happened to the club officials, or Cornellà club listened. His trial will be held next Tuesday. The prosecution wants 15 years in prison.

Source: Informacion


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