Submarine pipeline between Barcelona and Marseille will carry green hydrogen, not natural gas

Submarine connection between Barcelona and Marseille, christened his name H2Medwill only be used for transport green hydrogen once operational, in order to obtain the maximum possible financing from the EU.

Despite the possibility that future infrastructure may enter Spain and France According to government sources, it will initially be a conduit built for hydrogen as its sole purpose, which will be able to transport natural gas, then only be used for green hydrogen.

In this sense, the same resources are European finance They just demand that there be a pipeline to carry the hydrogen, “so they’re working on this scenario.”

Head of Government Pedro Sánchez; Along with France, Emmanuel Macron and Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa will give the official starting signal to this project, where the old MidCat is buried, this Friday in Alicante.

a meeting before Euro-Mediterranean Summit (EU-MED9), The meeting, which will also be attended by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, will serve for all three countries to show their strong political commitment to the project and to determine the details in cost level, market and environmental feasibility studies. It will be the ‘road map’ for a green hydrogen corridor, which is expected to be operational by the 2030 horizon.

With the launch of the project, all three countries will submit it to the call for help. European CommissionThe deadline for attracting European funds for its financing expires on 15 December.

In this regard, the governments of the countries, as well as the operators of the gas transport network (TSOFor its English abbreviation) -Enagás, on the Spanish side- has been working since October 20, when the first commitment was made. Spain, France and Portugalin your design.

Government sources indicated that Brussels funding in such a project could afford: between 30% and 50% of the total cost, although they add that the desire is to finance “as much as possible”.

Von der Leyen’s symbolic approval

“But you have to work on it,” they said, noting that Von der Leyen’s presence at the summit this Friday represents “symbolic” support and a sign that infrastructure is a European project. “in the interest of the entire European Union”.

Thus, the financing rules for European projects “open and public“And they said that new infrastructures to apply for European financing should be for hydrogen. It is not a cheap pipeline, it is very big and expensive, and it is the desire of the three countries to have European financing and the rules must be followed.

The submarine tube between Barcelona and Marseille is one of the legs of the so-called Green Energy Corridor, which will connect Portugal, Spain and France to the European Union energy network. The other is to finalize the unifying project. Celourico da Beira (Portugal) and Zamora, The same resources are the part where some of the natural gas can be transported at first “with some maximum” since some of the connection is already available.

They also stated that the submarine tube with France will also be operational. “a few years” Therefore, they deemed it necessary to put the project in an “adequate time perspective” as it was “designed for the energy transition, not to solve the current energy crisis”.

Source: Informacion


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