Pentagon: US State Department approves sale of Abrams tanks and equipment to Poland for $3.75 billion 06.12.2022, 23:54

The US State Department approved the sale of Abrams tanks and equipment to Poland for $3.75 billion. TASS Referring to the Pentagon statement.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a decision approving a possible foreign military sale to the Polish government of M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks and related equipment at an estimated cost of $3.75 billion,” the statement said. it was said.

Previously at the US State Department reported It’s about the intention to add up to 100 modern missiles, as well as $882 million in radar and support equipment, to the Patriot air defense system in a military aid package to Taiwan. It was reported by Bloomberg, citing a State Department document.

According to the agency, this proposal was drafted in accordance with the provisions of the 2010 US-Taiwan agreement and is “not technically new”, but is classified as an extension of it. The potential total value of this deal is $2.81 billion.

Source: Gazeta


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