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since 2006every Christmas andState Court Judge José Antonio Duráalso a secretary Nativity Scene Association, gives a piece he made to create a Christmas atmosphere in the building to his friends, judges, prosecutors, civil servants and lawyers. On this occasion, Bethlehem became in three different parts and scattered in different parts of the building. Three portals in different styles and collecting different moments of birth. they all use recycled material. From cork, earthenware, chair shelves and some of the figure collection the judge had.

There is a Roman-style Audiencia recreation in the building’s most public and most visible hall. Bethlehem road is the name of the stage. An official inside appears to be working somewhere. a room filled to the brim with papyrusthrough court records. As far as his arrival is mentioned, digital file The truth in Justice Administration is that the role refuses to leave. “This year, with the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, we have added messages for peace,” explains Durá.

Roman style audience

It is in this part of Bethlehem that the moment of the Magi’s journey to Bethlehem is recorded. Everything is full of details and imperial rome in homage gladiator exhibition what happened in the last few weeks Provincial Archaeological Museum. In one of its corners there is a gladiator school exhibiting their fights, and on the top there is a lectern with a Roman senator. At the entrance are two Roman soldiers paying homage to Rome in their own way. civil guards those responsible for security in forensic facilities. Durá points out that some of the figures he used for this Nativity scene were bought in Italy.

Olot School

The most traditional nativity scene is in the magistrate’s office, less publicly in the building, but Durá doesn’t hesitate to show it off. With figures much larger than those used in other recreations set up in the courthouse. Bethlehem collects the most classic elements of this typical Christmas art.

The moment of birth in the magistrates’ office. HECTOR RESOURCES

Virgin and child Jesus, St. Joseph, mule and ox, manger… with a high degree of realism. Even if there is a pot on the fire with lighting to simulate the fire. large numbers used, olo schoolAlthough still on the list in the second-hand market, it unfortunately disappeared due to the economic crisis.

Mediterranean landscape

The third part of Bethlehem is in the office of God. First Part of the Trialwhere officers work. It offers a completely Mediterranean view with palm trees and cacti.

A Mediterranean-style landscape in the nativity scene of the First Division courthouse. HECTOR RESOURCES

The figures in this third section are slightly smaller than the previous one. May Lebrija and this presupposed a whole revolution in the form of numbers more than forty years ago.

Durá is punctual when it comes to editing the nativity scenes, with the help of his wife and an officer. at the end of November. “Then the holiday shifts start and people have less time to enjoy them,” he explains. The activity of December nativity scenes becomes more intense with the montage of different nativity scenes. For this reason, those at Audiencia are often the best anticipation of Christmas.

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