Trump Organization guilty of 17 counts of tax evasion

this trump organizationThe real estate company of the former president of the USA and the Republican president who is hopeful for 2024 donald trump, announced this tuesday guilty of all 17 crimes financial fraud and other financial crimes encountered a criminal case open by manhattan district attorney.

After five weeks of hearing and a little over a day’s deliberations in the New York State Supreme Court, a jury delivered the judgment. This confirms the accusations that the Trump company has changed since the beginning. 15 years account books since 2005 and hid the benefits it gave to some managers in the form of assets such as luxury cars, apartments, or private school enrollment for relatives. They were undeclared payments made in return. taxes were not paid.

The case came to the fore in July of last year, with the following accusations: two entities Trump company and Allen Weisselberg, financial advisor and a close ally of Trump for decades. In exchange for a prison sentence reduced to five months instead of the 15 months he faced, Weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 charges over the summer and became one of the prosecution’s key witnesses at the trial.

Personal blow to Trump

Weisselberg never elected Trump, and yet ex-president not personally charged This Tuesday’s judgment, convicting his organization of both fraud and fraud, conspiracy and falsification of business records, is an undoubted blow for him and is followed by other legal fronts and investigations.

The maximum penalty the organization can face is only 1.62 million dollars, company that immediately discloses lawyers will appeal the sentence Now you may have more trouble getting a loan or a loan. And Trump’s name was mentioned many times throughout the trial.

Prosecutors accused him of personally paying for some of the benefits received by the rulers and assured him that he had come to confirm a crucial aspect of the conspiracy. “culture of fraud and deception”.

Conviction in this case may also strengthen another i.wider investigation Open about Trump’s business practices, he, along with his three children, is accused in a civil lawsuit filed by the state’s attorney for inflating or underestimating the company’s results to gain credit or tax advantages. A payment made before the 2020 presidential election is also under review. He silenced the two women who claimed to be sexual intercourse with the trump and that it may have violated campaign finance laws.

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