Conflict between hitmen in Mexico resulted in the deaths of nine adults and one minor.

gun war Registered in San Luis Rio Coloradoin the northern Mexican state of Sonora, left ten deceasedincluding minors years old, said Santos González Yescas, the mayor of that municipality on Monday. The mayor wondered how this was possible. no state authority security agencies of the state of Sonora or Baja California or the Mexican Government. noticed the raid of a convoy with 50 vans full of hitmen.

On Saturday, the State Public Safety Secretariat and the Sonora Attorney General’s Office, where the incident occurred, reported only eight dead and twelve injured, with innocent victims off balance due to the violence that began in a gunfight in Ciudad Coahuila. in the state of Baja California. The attacks continued in the town of Luis B. Sánchez in Sonora, on the border with the United States, and in the city of San Luis Río Colorado.

González Yescas announced the death of a minor in a post on his personal Facebook profile, and regretted that no state or federal security agency noticed the attack on a convoy of more than 50 vans full of armed people. “It’s incredible that in a town like the Luis B. Sánchez police station this happened and no one noticed the convoy’s passing. How will we not notice? But I can assure you that we are cooperating in the entire investigation, why and where they entered, three criminals were killed and unfortunately one minor died in Luis B. Sánchez,” said Mayor González Yescas.

The mayor also announced that the convoy of hitmen was on the move after shooting attacks on the towns of the rural communities of the fertile agricultural valley that irrigates the Colorado River delta between Sonora and Baja California. also raided the border city of San LuisTo attack some stores on the US border with the state of Arizona where drug dealers sell drugs. Reporters tracking the police source in San Luis Río Colorado revealed that in addition to selling drugs, these “small shops” also run small clandestine casinos with slot machines that are exploited by criminal groups with the permission of the authorities.

Sources from the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor confirmed that one minor injured and two other children died in the shootout, in which a representative of the Federal Public Ministry launched an investigation into the incident. Currently, State and Federation ministry officials reported that in addition to the arrest of eight suspects, four during the conflict and two in the hours after, 50 vehicles were seized on land and water, and two were arrested in the five house searches obtained. from research; as well as assault rifles, short guns, ballistic vests, a grenade and magazines.

The violence produced on the border of Sonora and Baja California on the Arizona border turned out to be natural. A clash for the challenge for the transfer of drugs, weapons, money and people Between Mexico and the United States. According to local media, the dispute would be between Sinaloa or two cells of the Pacific Cartel, ‘Mayos’ (linked to Ismael Mayo Zambada) versus Chapitos (linked to Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán).

Source: Informacion


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