Brutal attack on a disabled person for stealing cell phone in Alcoy

agents National Police stoped alcohol to the alleged author brutal attack on a disabled teenager for stealing his cell phone, According to Provincial Police Department sources.

The arrest took place a few hours after it began. surfing social networks A video of the beating and it caused a great social outrage. In the recording made by the third parties, it is clearly seen how the suspect battered the victim and the victim. resulted in stealing various personal items.

Alcoy National Police agents conducted a raid and The suspect was arrested within a few hours.accuses himself of violent theft. a prisoner A 19-year-old young man of Spanish nationality.

The incidents occurred in the morning hours. last 4 december In the town of Alcoy. the victim himself I couldn’t even remember what it was And when he got home that night, he found his phone, wallet, and keys stolen. when opening your instagram account According to police sources, he saw himself in the video with his aggression and is already circulating on social networks.

You threw yourself at me and it’s normal for me to defend myself.

In the video, you can see how the attacker started pushing while describing his victim. “What’s wrong with you? Ringing the phone or something?The victim doesn’t say anything and starts stuffing his phone into his jacket. punches the metal shutter, knocking it down A job that is behind it and already in place kicks in the head

As the recording continues with the focus on the victim in the foreground, the attacker asks him to “make it clear to you, because I don’t want anyone or anything, but you made me defend myself, you understand me? because you threw yourself at me and it’s okay for me to defend myself because you threw yourself at me“. The young man attacked does not say anything and he looks like he’s half asleep, whereupon the attacker starts slapping him as he tells him to wake up.

police resources, victim, 28 years old, He had no memory of what had happened and realized that he had seen the video on the nets and that his belongings had been stolen when he arrived at his house.

A few hours after the complaint, the alleged perpetrator of the violence could be arrested.

The moment of his arrest was also videotaped by other people. the agents scolded and insulted him as they put him in the patrol car.

It was stated that the suspect was in custody at the police station, waiting to go to the courthouse from the Police Station.

Source: Informacion


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