10 theatrical movies you can’t miss this December

Year Saying goodbye to 2022 with a choice of titles for all tastes, overproduction always comes to Christmas, in this case ‘Avatar. ‘The feeling of water’ is James Cameron’s return to one of his most successful stories, and another Choose a sample of Spanish cinema especially in the second half of the year, it shone with movies like ‘Suro’, ‘Fast Train 2: Yes, it happened to them again’, ‘Venus’ and ‘Manticora’. The viewer will be able to see it in action Antonio Banderas As a mafia hitman in ‘The Enforcer’, uncover the journalistic investigation that put Harvey Weinstein on the podium in ‘Exposed’, discover the most grumpy side of Tom Hanks in ‘The Worst Neighbor in the World’, see it from another angle “The Rebel Play the popular Sissi in “Empress” and dive into the turbulent life of Whitney Houston in the “biopic” “I want to dance with someone.”

‘Certainly’. ️️Friday, day 2

Shot almost entirely in and around a Catalan farmhouse, the film is the San Sebastián-based director’s debut feature. Mikel GurreaHe studied Audio-Visual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and received a postgraduate fellowship in directing from the London Film School. Talent at the service of a story in which the ethical differences of city and country life, culture and class conflict, covert violence and couple relations are resolved. Two great actors –Vicky Luengo and Pol Lopez– in the service of an increasingly suspenseful film. One of the great surprises of this year’s lavish Spanish cinema comes to an end.

2. ‘Full train 2: Yes, it happened to them again.’ ️️Friday, day 2

family comedies santiago vault They became definitive hits and films that satisfactorily completed the annual accounts of Spanish cinema. The premiere of ‘Padre no hay más que uno 3’, Segura is now broadcasting the second part of ‘A todo train’, which tells the troubles of a group of children who make a long train journey alone after visiting their father or mother. too confused. Although Segura briefly appears as an actor at the beginning and the end of his presenting, producing and writing, he leaves the weight of the action to women. two Paz, Vega and Padillaand hands over the direction to Inés de León, who represents the third of the troubled heroes.

3. “Rebel Empress”.️️ Friday, day 2

after what he did Sofia Coppola in the movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ – including the postmodern portrait of the young French queen associating herself with a youth from the turn of the 21st century, the ‘praises’ and Converse shoes–, Austrian director Marie Kreutzer suggests a figure-like approach. Austria’s iconic Empress Elisabeth, in popular terms Sissi. A feminist defense with contemporary songs performed in a palace style in Austrian halls. vicky kriepsthe trendy actress – ‘Bergman’s Island’, ‘Time’, ‘Hold Me Tight’ and an upcoming version of ‘The Three Musketeers’, in which she plays Queen Anne of Austria – into a glamorous presence.

4. “Venus”.️️ Friday, day 2

The film that opens the final edition of the Sitges festival… and it looks like this will be the opening of the Catalan horror film competition! Jaume Balaguero Returns to the adventures of the genre’s most epidermic and savage story, after the international intrigue movie ‘Way Down’. The director moves from disturbing caution to following in the footsteps of lightning strikers. ester casting She stars as a proactive young woman who grapples with a series of mysteries surrounding a building on the outskirts of Madrid. There’s a little bit of everything in this experience: satanism, madness, creepy humor, drug trafficking… the second production of Álex de la Iglesia’s project ‘Horror collection’.

5. “Protector (Implementer)”.️️ Friday, day 9

There are already quite a few ‘protectors’ and ‘enforcers’ in recent cinema: the ‘protector’ with fast Jason Statham; “Equalizer (Protector)” with Denzel Washington; another ‘The Protector’ from last year with vigilante Liam Neeson; Someone written by Harry Callahan was called “The Practitioner”, here “Harry the Practitioner”; even the delivery of the original Torrente is called ‘Torrente 3: saver’. Who is protecting now Antonio Banderas as the hitman of the Miami mob Whose turn is it to rescue a young woman from the networks of the organization she works for? In the background, the cyber sex business. And in the foreground is a new redemption story, a recurring theme in contemporary ‘thriller movies’.

6. “Manticore”.️️ Friday, day 9

In a month full of good Spanish movies this is recording the versatile and daring film harvest of 2022, Carlos Vermut’s fourth feature film. Although his approach to the fantastic is very different, ‘Manticora’, which can also be seen in Sitges, is a secret, tense and disturbing story about the dilemmas and most secret impulses of a young and successful video game programmer. Vermouth always tackles a complex subject: pedophiliawith its characteristic visual rigor and the absolute absence of false morality. nacho saenz –the protagonist of Carlo Padial’s mini-series ‘Doctor Portuondo’– and zoe stein embody the main characters.

7. Avatar. sense of water.️️ Friday, 16.

13 years passed James Cameron He revolutionized digital technology with ‘Avatar’, the story about remotely operated biological bodies created with human DNA and the DNA of the inhabitants of the planet Pandora, to survive in the most extreme conditions. After announcing a sequel several times, Cameron put the batteries in and is now premiered. first sequel He has three more films that are in different stages of preparation until 2028. Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver They return to their characters – Kate Winslet added to them – in a story where Jack Sully, integrated into Pandora, has to fight alongside warriors of the Na’vi race.

8.’I want to dance with someone’.️️ Wednesday, 21st.

The title song of her second album is ‘I want to dance with someone’. Whitney Houston‘Whitney’ was released in 1987. Also the title chosen for it’biography of the singer and actressalbeit with one nuance. The original title of the song completes with ‘(Who Loves Me)’ and wanting to dance with someone is not the same as wanting to dance with someone who loves you. Naomi Ackie, seen in the movies “Lady Macbeth”, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and “Small Ax”, brings the star to life. Stanley Tucci, produced by Clive Davis. Years ago, Kevin Macdonald dedicated a documentary to himself in 2018, and Yaya DaCosta gave life to the 2015 protest telefilm ‘Whitney’ directed by actress Angela Bassett.

9. “On”.️️ Wednesday, 28.

‘Uncovered’ follows the narrative and climate model of ‘All the President’s Men’, one of the most popular investigative journalism films in history. But it’s not the corruption of two men (‘Washington Post’ reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, Redford & Hoffman) or the corruption of a president (Richard Nixon) that will be exposed here, but two women. (‘New York Times’ journalists Megan Twohey and Jody KantorPortrayed by Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan) sexual predator status of producer Harvey Weinstein. We know what’s going on so it’s no surprise, but how Kantor and Twohey came to their conclusions is well described.

10. “The worst neighbor in the world”. ️️Wednesday, 28.

“The Worst Neighbor in the World” or “A Man Named Otto”, The ‘remake’ of the 2015 Swedish movie ‘A Man Called Ove’. Looks custom made for Otto tom hanksFor playing a very grumpy old widow who gets on her nerves when a family led by a lively pregnant woman moves into the house next door. In 1989, at the behest of Joe Dante, Hanks played another persona who saw their routines change with their new neighbors relocating to his suburb. This time he is directing. Marc ForsterIt should do justice to everything from a meditation on Peter Pan’s writing (“Finding Neverland”) to a Janes Bond movie (“Quantum of consolation”).

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