Experience a different Christmas in Tenerife and enjoy the magic of nature with your family

Christmas is a special date when everyone is looking for plans and activities to have a good time with family and friends. If you want to have an authentic and unforgettable experience, today we tell you everything you can do. Tenerife at Christmaslocation Teide volcano.

this Teide in Tenerife It is one of the most impressive natural monuments in the world. Thus, Volcano Teide, one of the world’s leading companies, Activities in Teideputs a wide variety at your disposal excursions in Tenerife and activities to enjoy Teide throughout the day. In this sense, the volcano is one of the best places to enjoy the night sky and observe the stars, as well as being where we found the largest solar observatory in the world: Teide Observatory.

El Teide, symbolic site of Tenerife

Teide is perhaps the place that most defines the island of Tenerife, an icon of the Canary Islands. In this sense, it bears the title: World Heritage of Humanity from UNESCO and it is surrounded Crown Forest National ParkIt is the most visited national park in Spain and in all of Europe.

Another distinguishing feature of Teide is the European Diploma from the Council of Europe and is part of the Natura 2000 Network Sites. And not only does it have a unique landscape, but the above-Mediterranean vegetation in Teide is the most complete vegetation in existence.

If you want to have a unique New Year’s experience, Volcano Teide has the best activities for you.

Another reason to visit the island Tenerife weatherwith spring temperatures throughout the year. Volkan Teide It has more than forty professionals who are passionate about their work and focused on giving you a unique Christmas. The whole team works on the design events in Tenerife and they know every inch of Teide ways to advise and accompany solo travelers as a couple or with groups of friends, with recommendations focused on encouraging and fostering a respectful, informative and fun approach to Teide.

The best experiences in Volcano Teide, Tenerife

Volcano Teide has spent almost a decade going one step further, offering the best plans for all people who want to explore and explore Tenerife this Christmas. If you are curious, adventurous and have the illusion of new experiences, hiking in Tenerife invites you to a different holiday. activities outdoor.

One of the most amazing experiences is seeing the stars in Teide.

In addition, it has activities. Visit Teide with kids, with family, private visits for schools and day trips to Pico Viejo Viewpoint by Teide Cable Car, among other interesting options. In addition, you can enjoy the sunset or see the stars at Teide, or choose packages for brunch while contemplating the incredible views.

Now you know if you want to live Different Christmases in TenerifeYou can’t miss a visit to Teide with Volcano Teide. Think about the magic of the volcano and let nature take you away.

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