Discovering flavors with Lexus: the secrets of Jijona and Alicante nougat

Some categorize it as “soft” or “hard” and others say it’s not Christmas if it’s missing. What is the name of the perfect mixture of that pill that you break, take in your mouth and stimulate your senses? nougat and though it ends in every corner of the world, In the province of Alicante we know this as well as no one else. Do you know why? We’re slipping into the process in this piece this delicacy to teach you the most authentic recipe.

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The new Lexus NX350h us today Jijona and Alicante nougat. The second of these is the father of all nougat. find the province it draws on the minds of even those who do not know how to place it on the map. You may have discovered it in other countries when they asked where you were from. and you answer ‘from Alicante’: ‘Come on, from Alicante, like nougat’, they often reply.

In the province of Alicante we know nougat better than anyone else.

The bond between the two heroes Lexus and nougatmainly related to three values: detail, craftsmanship and tradition. The presence of a master who knows the product very well and marks the times with precision is present in both areas. in the world premium car brandknown as artisans ‘Takumi’ and we’ll talk about them later.

The new NX350h has arrived in Alicante.

before you start with contents and the process followed to bring this product to life is another matter of curiosity. If you’re one of the soft ones, you’ll want to know what they are. artisans Jijona, who gave birth to it, created it. Jijona’s nougat. So far it may seem little or no self-explanatory to you, it’s possible, but the anecdotal reason is this: adapt the nougat to less efficient dentures.

Alicante nougat recipe

Alicante nougat recipe It is made by following steps that have been hammered out for years. Pablo Garrigós, who gave life to the company of the same name, produces a wide range of nougat and confectionery. gourmet made in a way completely handmade. Pills appear and end in most select stores, plus all over Spainin the corners of five continents.

Follow the steps to make Alicante nougat.

To start with the recipe for this nougat explained to us pablo garrigosTwo stars content should be considered: Marcona almond Wild orange and rosemary honey collected from the Mediterranean basin and the Levantine mountains. Here are the steps followed in a factory:

  • I know Marcona toasts almonds until the master sees enough.

  • On the other hand, another teacher cooking honey.

  • In a vessel called mechanics, both materials are mixed: almonds and honey.

As in the Lexus universe with ‘Takumi’, the role of the master is fundamental.

Throughout the whole process, the role of the master is importantas in the Lexus universe with master craftsmen following Japanese idea of ​​’Takumi’ -all highly qualified-, are responsible detail by hand and take care detail all aspects of the design of each vehicle.

Pablo Garrigós produces completely handmade nougat and gourmet desserts.

after removal already mixed materials mechanics, it’s time to make the pads. And the rest… Now you know how to: put it on the tablecloth Enjoy it with your loved ones at one of the snacks.

Detailing the jijona nougat

For to do Jijona nougat, we also start with the basic one: Marcona. In this case, after passing the almond through the mechanics and teacher when you decide to withdraw, the process is as follows:

  • this almond goes to the millit grinds everything very well until it leaves a paste.

  • this paste left in the drawer don’t stand.

  • The paste is then passed through a machine called boxlike a giant mortar (they invented it in Jijona!).

  • When the teacher decides that boixet putty has already homogenizedit’s time to let it rest again for two days.

After this time, all that remains is to cut it. shape pills it ends up in kitchens all over the world.

‘Takumi’, Lexus masters

none at all master ‘Takumi’ that’s not at least 60,000 hours of experience in the area of ​​expertise. There’s no way to be without all that baggage behind you. Comprehensiveness is essential to their success. spoil the detail every single Lexus that passed by.

‘Takumi’ teachers have 60,000 hours of experience in their area of ​​expertise.

fusion traditional values ​​with technological innovation Gave a soul to the Japanese brand delicacy, dexterity and precision without equal. Being one of these craftsmen is no easy task. At the Miyata plant in Kyushi, where Lexus employs 7,700 workers, only 19 of them are ‘Takumi’.

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