Man arrested for trying to burn his partner alive at Artesa de Segre: “Shit, I’m going to kill you”

neighbor Separate boat (Lleida)39 years old and Portuguese nationalLast Monday, 48-year-old Hispanic national tried to burn his emotional partner alive. According to the prison decision, the prisoner whose initials are HAMM, sprayed the victim with flammable liquid, then set him and the rest of the house on fire and El Periódico de Catalunya of the Prensa Ibérica group, he bolted the door before leaving. The court is investigating him for a crime attempted murder and other arson.

The incidents occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, at four o’clock in the morning, on a three-story block. The fire allegedly started by the suspect forced other tenants to go out. One of them managed to go down the stairs with her jacket covered, and another woman had to go down the pipe. The aggressor and the victim were left on the streets by their own means. They were the first to leave the farm. In reality, the woman doesn’t remember clearly how she got there, although she has explained that the accused himself may have been the one who tried to kill her and eventually helped her.

Victim giving testimony Mossos d’Esquadra from the burn unit of the Vall d’Hebrón hospital, told that his wife came home at 23.00 on Sunday, searched for money in his bag to buy drugs and left again. Then the woman went to bed. Around four o’clock in the morning, the man woke up startled when he came back and sprayed a liquid on his face, “This won’t open, son of a bitch, i’m gonna kill youThe attacker immediately came back with another liquid, perhaps acetone, sprayed again, and then set it on fire. “You’re going to die now,” he also shouted, according to his testimony. now i will burn them all“. The suspect tried to strangle him by shouting. The woman also reported that after this attack, she was able to get out when she grabbed the same man’s arm and released him: “Let’s go, I’m on fire too.”

Some of the statements the police took from other neighbors confirmed that they heard screams around 11 pm, but there were frequent fights between the two. Even a neighbor, when he was four Heard the woman shout “please don’t kill me” He did not panic, either, as arguments between the two were often phrased in these terms. Some neighbors also said that they saw the couple on the street just before they realized that the building was on fire, and the woman shouted that the fire had started.


The man, on the other hand, stated that when he entered the house, the woman already had a fever in her body, and that he fell into various contradictions, such as stating that the windows on the floor were open when the door of the house was opened, respectively. they weren’t. That he left the scene and went to sleep at a friend’s house, where he was arrested three hours later because he didn’t want anyone to think it was him.

this Generalitat fire department They sent six teams to contain the fire, which was declared in Plaza Major. As soon as they put out the flames, they confirmed that someone had placed a refrigerator near the apartment entrance door and that the doors and windows were closed.

The court sent him to jail. The investigation will now continue to rekindle the fire that Mossos’ science police experts started. The woman has burns on 18% of her body surface, especially on her face and arms. Her condition is still serious and she sought protection from the police to prevent her husband from attacking her again.

Source: Informacion


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