“The future will not be green or the future. There is an opportunity, let’s take advantage of it”

Green hydrogen was at the forefront of the roundtable meeting with leading experts, organized by EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA. The meeting was held where the keys of this element were discussed in order to decarbonize the economy. It can be followed by publication at Espacio Beterlsmann in Madrid and on the newspaper’s website. It addressed the challenges of an essential energy source for the green future of society and the economy.

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. It is gaseous under normal conditions and is often found in combination with other elements such as oxygen or carbon. Like this, It is not a fuel that can be taken directly from nature, but a fuel that must be “produced”. Through chemical or energetic processes to obtain the substance in a pure form.

Hydrogen is characterized by its high energy density, so one kilogram of this resource releases more energy than any other fuel. An internal combustion vehicle using hydrogen as fuel is 30% more efficient than a vehicle using gasoline., according to the National Hydrogen Center. On the other hand, its high energy value makes it possible to generate electricity via fuel cells as a possible solution to the electricity storage challenge.

Depending on the energy source applied to obtain hydrogen, there are a number of color classifications to measure the respective emission level. Green hydrogen is hydrogen obtained through renewable energy.usually by an electrolysis process (separation of elements using electricity) and without greenhouse gas emissions.

As a pioneering country in the installation of renewable energies, Spain is asked to play a strategic role in the production of green hydrogen based on its clean energy infrastructure. That’s why this thread held a session with experts to discuss the future of this energy source to advance the decarbonization of the economy. offered by jesus javier pradoEL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA manager, panel with expert voices Olivia BabiesResponsible for Hydrogen Regulation and Clean Energies at Cepsa; Anthony GonzalezVice President of the Spanish Hydrogen Association; Maria Retuertodoctor of chemistry and senior researcher at the CSIC Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, and Yolanda Benito, director general of the Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research. Journalist moderated the event. Fatima churches.

colloquium participants IYS

“Green hydrogen is a pillar in the energy transition,” Retuerto explained. “The idea is to use renewable energies and to accumulate electricity. Hydrogen acts as an energy vector,” said the researcher. This situation has led companies such as Cepsa to position themselves in a prominent place in the spread of hydrogen in the economy. “Our strategy puts biofuels and renewable hydrogen right at the center to decarbonize both us and the transport industry,” Infantes said.

The panel of experts pointed to the importance of having a plan to help implement green hydrogen in the economy. “A national plan is required to operate in industry, heavy transport, rail, shipping, and then residential, because each area will have to meet different needs,” González said. “The future is green, otherwise there will be no future. We can do it as pointers. The opportunity is there, so let’s take advantage of it,” Benito concluded.

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