Last minute of the war in Ukraine live | Russia accuses Ukraine of executing 100 civilians in Kherson

Central Europe anticipates a new wave of refugees from Ukraine and seeks EU assistance

Given the intensification of Russian bombardments, Ukraine and the coming of winter, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia They anticipate the arrival of a new wave of refugees and have called on the European Commission (EC) to provide these asylum seekers with rapid additional assistance to adapt.

The request comes a day before the 27’s Home Secretary’s extraordinary immigration meeting in the US this Friday. BrusselsAt the meeting organized by the Czech Presidency European Union (EU).

“A new wave of refugees is coming”, Polish Executive Chairman Mateusz Morawiecki made the prediction at a press conference in Kosice, Slovakia, after attending the summit of the Visegrad Group (V4), which consists of the four aforementioned Central European countries, three of which share the same common denominator. border with Ukraine.

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