Polvorons resist ‘El Toro’ bullfighting

When Álvaro’s great-grandfather founded the company Galician pastry In the heart of Tordesillas (Valladolid), the polvorones over time They would be the target of anti-bullfighting groups every year. And although the famous polvorón ‘El Toro’ is a traditional dessert distributed halfway around the world, it’s a “deviation” for these activists.

Álvaro Galicia at his factory in Tordesillas produces about 100,000 polvorones every day, approximately 4,500 kilograms of product; this production is mainly concentrated – about 80 percent – between mid-September and Christmas; this is the busiest period for a factory than the rest of the year and limits its production to certain orders.

Álvaro’s ancestor Fermín christened these polvorons ‘El Toro de la Vega’, paying homage to the town’s controversial bullfighting festival; Polvorón, anti-bullfighting riot against the centuries-old pastry Dulces El Toro. Activists targeted this and developed boycotts without quarters through networks, has aimed with its flagship products. “They’re made with the blood of the bull, don’t even think about buying them. Tordesillas, that town, does not deserve anyone to buy products from there,” one of the comments was regarding digital escrache.

“We removed the ‘de la Vega’ branding years ago, in 2015,” said Álvaro, resigning from his century-old patisserie with the support of the mayor. popular Miguel Angel Oliveira, lamenting the “unprecedented persecution” of the family business and urging municipal companies to condemn the harassment.

Even the mayor of Valladolid, socialist Óscar Puente, She admitted that she always had “a small box” of cookies in hand. “You can’t mix speed with bacon,” the Socialist warns.

The truth is that hundreds of people and organizations supported this factory, which employs 25 people in Tordesillas. “All we ask is that they let us work in peace,” Álvaro Galicia asks. in the complete preparation of polvorones and panettones Who would you like to sweeten this Christmas with? This production is distributed by different European countries such as Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, France as well as the geography of Spain, especially Castilla y León and nearby communities such as Galicia, Madrid, Navarra, Basque Country or La Rioja. United Kingdom or Italy.

Álvaro Galicia guarantees the secret of his product “starts in the processing of flour and sugar”, It is mixed with butter and cinnamon before kneading. The dough then passes through a portioning machine that shapes the polvorones and ensure that they are of the appropriate weight before they are cooked, packaged and packaged for distribution or sale.

Source: Informacion


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