Three months to Ibi’s neighbor accused by Microsoft of uploading child pornography to the cloud

this Court of Alicante punished three months in prison to the neighbor ibis condemned by Microsoft to upload file cloud child pornography, according to the sentence this newspaper accessed. The sentence is a far cry from the five-year prison sentence the prosecution has claimed since the courtroom.or thought it proved the files were shared with third parties, as claimed by the defense, the lawyer Francisco Moreno Arranz. At the end of the trial, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office reduced the requested sentence to one year, but the sentence was less than that.

Since this newspaper has already been published, Warning came from USA Then algorithms An Ibi from Microsoft found out that her neighbor was storing child pornography files on her account OneDrive. The company reported the facts to the authorities, and the authorities warned the authorities about the facts. Spanish Security Forces. The National Police’s Technological Crimes Group showed up at the suspect’s home and conducted a search authorized by the Ibi court.

Downloads would have been made Between January and December 2018 used various file-sharing programs to download photo and video files of underage men and women. any form of explicit sexual behavior, alone or with other minors or adults. The verdict did not prove that the accused knew that every time he started downloading a file, the downloaded piece became a server for others. In particular, the registry contained video and image files that contained “extremely harmful content to the sexual compensation of apparent minors.”


The Court took into account the testimony of the accused, who admitted that this material had been downloaded; as well as police officers looking for and confiscating pedophile material. agents found hundreds of files stored on the phonethe files are no longer found in the cloud account.

In the judgment, the Chamber notes that both the police officers who intervened in the search and the technicians who examined the different equipment of the accused admitted that there was no evidence that this material was shared with third parties. “It has not been proven that the defendant knowingly disclosed, displayed or facilitated the dissemination of pornographic material stored on his computer through the use of minors. Nor was this his destiny and not the owner’s own use.», argues the room.

The defendant claimed that he held the child pornography files for his personal use and that II didn’t know when I downloaded them that I could share them with other users.Reason for the court to decide that the crime has been committed Possession of pedophile material but not distribution.

The judges remember that one of the police officers had confessed. there are tools to determine if the file was shared, but in this case no such media was available.

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