One of the victims of the shooting in Valencia: “They are cowards, we said shoot without a gun, they shot”

The 3,000-euro debt between the two brothers, the reproaches exchanged for extramarital sex, and the overheating of the dead by missing the memory of the dead are the reasons behind the murder. The shooting took place last Monday night in the town of Torrent, Valencia.. “They wanted to kill my brother, but they are cowards. We told them to put down the guns and sticks and we hit each other with fists and then they shot us.“, says Rafael, a member of the Miriñaques clan, victims of the shooting that miraculously ended without any injury.

There were 5 people in the raided house. 61 year old couple – woman having mobility problems after suffering a cerebral palsy just a year ago–, his two underage sons, known as ‘El Duque’ and ‘El Xavi’, and their 57-year-old uncle. According to the complainants, a large group of 15 to 50 people showed up on the street, holding sticks and some with firearms – the number depends on who recounted the events.

Half an hour before their argument a phone call from a relative threatening to kill one of the children your marriage. Apparently, five years ago, there was an attack on a doctor with two brothers from this clan at La Fe Hospital. One of the brothers took responsibility and paid 6,000 euros, which was supposedly his and his sister’s share. The money you demand now.

In turn, the family in question accuses the sister, who is married to a member of another clan, of having extramarital affairs; this is an accusation that will cause the anger of other clans affected by the said insult. The shooting wasn’t for drugs or anything like that.That’s because my sister slept with her father-in-law,” explains Rafael, about the source of the dispute and the verbal confrontation that led to the shootings. At least six people were counted.

Among the victims in the home are a woman with reduced mobility and a sick man.

In this case, around ten o’clock last Monday, members of three different clans – Echebarría, Vargas and Voros, always according to the victims’ version – went armed to Andorra de Torrent street. “They were going to take my brother, they shot him in his room”while showing the effects on the blind, it allows it to be affected.

Also, Rafael, better known as ‘El Duque’, criticizes that the attackers did not have the courage to lay down their weapons and face their fists. “There were three of us, they didn’t want to, they think they’re men but they’re not, it’s not courage, it’s cowardice,” he complained.

Now they trust that the National Police will arrest the assailants for attempted murder and that Justice will be served with them for this attack on a family, including a woman with reduced mobility and another sick man.

Source: Informacion


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