Mercadona expects to close the year with 530m euros, doubling the revenue of the ‘online’ channel

Mercadona already owns the fifth platform dedicated to online sales only. this chain Supermarkets opened this Thursday. Seville a field similar to what you already have Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid Y alicante, This means that the company will close the year with a workforce of 2,000 dedicated to digital sales and, if all goes well, a turnover of 530 million euros. online shopping’.

That’s what the Juan Roig-owned company plans to bill through this channel in 2022, 257 million euros, a figure that will double last year’s figures. For reference, Mercadona has a total input and turnover of around 27,800 million euros in 2021 online supermarket It accounted for 2% of his business.

“The expansion and profitability of the ‘online’ channel are the two main challenges we face,” he said. CEO of Mercadona Online, Juana Roigin his presentation New logistics area in Seville. “We are very pleased to reach more patrons (customers) ‘online’ every day in the Andalusian market thanks to Colmena de Sevilla,” he added.

These areas are designed to serve areas with high density digital orders. In particular, 145 people will work in Seville, which includes an investment of 25 million Euros, and the personnel is mainly dedicated to service. preparation of orders and distributors.

Preparation and distribution stores

Beyond these large areas dedicated to the ‘online’ channel only, Mercadona plans to continue to bet in this sales format. physical stores that are also responsible for the preparation and distribution of orders. This model is already being implemented in various provinces of Spain. Castellon, Leida, Girona, Almeria anyone Murciawhich will close the year with a total of 18 businesses of this type at the end of the year.

In this sense, and according to the chain in the statement, the idea is to continue to expand in this way in the coming years so that Mercadona Online available in most cities from Spain.

Source: Informacion


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