Union rally to protest the sale of the historic Post Office building in Alicante

In their statement, the unions said that with this operation, “the management of Correos aims to partially close the large economic gap It stems from the poor management of its chairman, Juan Manuel Serrano, who has accumulated more than €800 million in financial losses on the postal company’s income statement since he became president.”

CCOO and UGT state that this sale was made at a value considered extremely low as it barely met the value of the building’s recent reform, which is part of a comprehensive revitalization plan for the area. the building is given for the purpose only desperate to make money compensating the public operator’s lousy accounts caused by the current managers of the operator”.

The sale of this symbolic property, mandatory relocation of all departments currently working in that building in the middle of the Christmas campaign, with a total of 75 employees, including the No. 1 maternity unit, head office, administrative services, commercial services and health services. As a result, those attached to the main office will only be transferred to a temporary location for one year, requiring a search for another location in the center of Alicante that will serve as headquarters. office.actual, along with the rental fee and the necessary new conditioning works.

They explain that the remainder of the affected group will be taken to other Post Office facilities with the need for remediation work, with the figures that this hasty evacuation will add to a significant financial expense of more than one million Euros and a significant organizational cost. wingspan


Unions can also, within less than one month from the date of the transfer, until the deadline of December 20, the buildings to which the affected personnel will be taken are not conditioned nor do they meet the minimum compliance requirements that may be occupied by Post Office workers and attract accessibility, security, and public attention.

In the statement, they state that all this will cause chaos at the gates of a Christmas campaign. up to 11 postal districts of the capital will be affected. “The takeover and restructuring can cause delays and backlogs in the course, processing and delivery of mail and parcel delivery, representing a strong increase on these designated dates, with online sales skyrocketing, which will cause Alicante citizens to see their packages not arriving on such crucial dates.” They suffer from distrust and loss of loyalty,” they warn.

As the protests intensified outside the doors of this unique building, the unions rallied the Alicante public, as it is known, that “Correos, who has given up on losing the essence and reference of this centuries-old institution in the city of Alicante, of this symbolic building, is under its real cost…

Both CCOO and UGT opposed from the very beginning what they considered scrapping the postal service. Request immediate cessation of sale of headquarters in the state of AlicanteIt is a situation that will seriously affect all 75 workers whose working conditions will be affected by the forced transfer, and will seriously affect work and family reconciliation. For all this, this Friday, the 25th, a meeting will be held at the doors of the building in Plaza Gabriel Miró in Alicante, from 9 am to 10 am.

Source: Informacion


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