Neuroscientists have found an effective way to restore attention and memory 50 years later 16:08

Neuroscientists at the University of California have found a way to improve cognitive performance in older people through video games. research team work published In the journal npj Aging.

Scientists have created a video game with motion capture, in which it is necessary to perform tasks to train cognitive abilities. The experiment involved 49 elderly people (average age was 68 years) divided into two groups.

Participants in the first exercised for eight weeks using a game developed by scientists. The second group had to use simple cognitive training apps. At the beginning and end of the study, the researchers did a test to assess memory and attention, a year later the test was repeated.

As a result, the experts found that the participants in the first group showed significant improvements in their cognitive abilities that continued throughout the year. No such changes were noted in the second group.

According to scientists, video games with motion capture involve not only mental work, but also physical actions. Such an integrated approach effectively increases the plasticity of the nervous systems. It also allows you to improve the physical condition of the elderly.

Source: Gazeta


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