Sindicatura de Comptes warns of lack of control in Ivace aid

Slap Sindicatura de Comptes on the wrist at the Valencia Institute for Business Competitiveness (Ivace). And it is an audit warning about fiscal year 2021. lack of control over subsidies provided by the organization It is under the Ministry of Economy. The requirements focus specifically on assistance to technology centers due to disapproval of financial monitoring plans. The union was unable to verify whether regulations were followed, which prevented subsidies from exceeding the cost of the activities to which they were directed. Ivace, for its part, admits that there is actually no control plan, but verification actions.

The audit, which has just been made public, focuses on Ivace’s compliance with the law in terms of its subsidies. The report shows that the management carried out by the institute complies with the regulations applicable to public resources in all material respects, although it also identified a number of notable exceptions.

this is the first Generalitat’s General Intervention did not fully exercise financial control The aid provided in the Public Finance legislation is covered by the instrumental public sector and the corresponding chapter on subsidies.

In addition, the control plan foreseen in the regulation regarding the nominal aid line to be made to the technology centers under the direct responsibility of the institute has not been approved. In the same section, Sindicatura de Comptes warns: Failed to verify compliance with the General Subsidies Actin no way exceeds the cost of the subsidized activity, alone or together with other subsidies, aid, income or resources.

The reason why this check could not be carried out, the report adds, is that the certificates that had to be issued at the time of justification accredited the correct distribution of operating income and expenses, but the funding for each of the executed projects was lower. In addition, supporting documents related to these aids include; income and expense details are not required assigned to each of the projects that make up this activity.

In this context, the union makes a series of recommendations to improve IVACE’s subsidy management. For this reason, and with regard to strategic planning, he considers it necessary. a system of follow-up and evaluation after the grant of aid embodied in the annual reports. This analysis system, added in the audit, should evaluate the success or failure of the strategies, taking into account the results of the indicators proposed for subsidies in the strategic plan. and measurable terms.

Similarly, the report states that direct assistance to technology centers and their formalization through agreements must be expressed through the competitive bidding procedure, as Ivace has already done with aid, which seeks to finance specific research and development projects and support the execution of Ivace’s projects. It is of the same nature, developed by institutes of technology in collaboration with companies.

However, Sindicatura de Comptes, as a public law body integrated into the public administration sector of the institute, It is responsible for applying the same general accounting plan as the Generalitat Administration.. It is noted, however, that Ivace continues to apply the accounting principles and standards contained in the Spanish company’s Commercial Code and General Accounting Plan, without evidence of reasons to justify this exception in annual accounts. Additional provision of the Generalitat budget law for fiscal year 2021.


They stress from Ivace for their part that when it comes to the exercise of financial control of subsidies, it is not within its jurisdiction to omit Generalitat’s General Intervention and therefore cannot offer any explanation in this regard. Regarding the aid for technology centers, the Institute It is true that there is no such control plan, but there are verification actions. transferred to the Sindicatura de Comptes in the form of claims. In any case, the same sources state that the recommendations received are already being included.

Source: Informacion


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