Halloween just around the corner and all the shop windows and shops in the city already show its decoration based decoration. ghosts, witches and pumpkin. If you want to add a different atmosphere to your home for the holiday, All Saints but you don’t want to fall for the typical decorative items, we will give you a great idea. Decorate your home with indoor plants for this date.


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But not just with any plant. We found the perfect flower for this day. about bat plant (Tacca chantrieri). It is a very dark color, almost black and very original, so it will create a sensation throughout the house. We’ll see how you should take care of it and some tips for getting it beyond Halloween. It’s a sensitive plant, so you’ll need to dedicate a few minutes to it each day, but the result will be worth it.

this bat plant

homeland of the bat plant India and it takes its name from its peculiar very dark flowers and some peculiar “whiskers” hanging from it, resembling the wings of these animals.

These peculiar flowers arise from long stems and stand out among the leafy green leaves of the plant.

It is quite a vegetable sensitive to temperature changes. It thrives better in warm environments, so it is ideal to have indoors. In summer, you can take it out to the balcony or terrace as long as you find a sheltered place to put it.

The care the bat plant needs

As we anticipated, this is a delicate plantso it’s essential that you take care of it if you want it to last after Halloween night.

The popular indoor plant, Monstera adansonii, is also used to decorate your home on Halloween. pixabay

First of all, you should check substrate To the place where you will plant it, which must be very rich in nutrients. It is also appropriate to add a good liquid fertilizer every month as this will give it the strength it needs to develop properly. It also needs a moist environment, so we recommend spraying its leaves with water.

When you notice that the pot is too small, you should change it to a pot. bigger pot but be careful not to damage the roots while on the move.