Halloween just around the corner and most shop windows already pumpkin and ghosts. If you still haven’t prepared your home to celebrate the scariest night of the year, lidl pToday, you can find many decoration accessories at very affordable prices.


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But if you don’t want to invest your money decor We recommend that you choose for one day only. floors. They will serve you perfectly as a decorative element for that day and you will be able to keep them at home for a long time. Especially these days you can buy a very original plant specially prepared for Halloween. After this date has passed, you will need to replace the pot with a less themed one and you will have an indoor plant to spend time at home.

Lidl plant to decorate your home this Halloween

The Halloween pumpkin plant from Lidl is 20 centimeters tall and 10 centimeters in diameter. It bears reddish fruits and is available for 2.99 Euros. It is an indoor plant that requires moderate watering. There is also a version with orange flowers instead of fruit. As for the different pots, there are some that have a black cat drawn or the typical pumpkin with eyes and mouth.

Plant pumpkin LIDL. LIDL.

Other Lidl plants for Halloween

In addition to the zucchini plant, you can find other special plant species such as Kalanchoe in the market section of the supermarket chain. This indoor plant has a height of 28 cm and a diameter of 12 cm and has beautiful flowers in shades of orange. It requires moderate watering for its maintenance and costs 2.59 Euros.

Kalanchoe Halloween LIDL.

Kalanchoe Halloween LIDL. LIDL

So at Lidl you can decorate your home for Halloween.

Besides the indoor plants you can find in Lidl stores these days, there are many decorative elements for halloween Among them, garlands of LED bulbs of different shapes stand out: pumpkin, ghost or bat. Each of the models includes 10 lights and costs 3.99 euros.

halloween decoration INFORMATION

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