“Due to sustainability and quality, DOs are the state’s largest resource”

What do you think of the INFORMATION initiative to save the “Menjars de la Terra” and discover the culinary wealth of the province? Alicante during gastronomic days?

Well, it’s crucial for all of us mainstream media to be aware of and support the many and very good PDO products in order to inform consumers of the agricultural and environmental wealth we have; and if it is with the help of gastronomy, much better.

And the heroism to be given to the DO Regulatory Boards of the province?

It is highly appreciated. I think that our gastronomy is the biggest resource the province has in terms of representation, sustainability, quality and raw materials. And in our case, it gives it a double value because of its immense historical weight. A product that combines environment and gastronomy on the same axis.

The return of «Menjars de la Terra» opens in a region with great wine wealth, such as Alto and Medio Vinalopó…

I find it great. Vinalopó has not yet been discovered. Previously, it was thought to be just marble and shoes. But a Mediterranean agriculture and some very special mountains survive, and Monastrell wine is its treasure. Sun, rusticity, history… all these come together in one glass.

How do you evaluate your first year at the head of PDO Vinos de Alicante?

Well, it’s been a very positive year, with a lot of activity and important news. Along with the opportunity to get to know all the people in the industry in more detail, their concerns and the good work they are doing right now.

What time is the wine from the state?

Well, it continues to show that renewal or revolution is underway. There is no end to the good wine ratings from international critics, in both whites and reds.

And gastronomy?

I sincerely believe that the value and representativeness of wines is higher than the level of presence in the local hotel industry. This understanding is lacking, but it is a matter of sensitivity and there are young people who have much more respect and faith in authentic gastronomy and the path to local produce.

‘Menjars de la Terra’ menus

You can check the gastronomic suggestions of the participating restaurants from the link below, and you can find all the information about the meals to be served at each venue.

Source: Informacion


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