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Vending machines turned out to be a mod – the authors themselves said this


Background: A fan discovered a secret location in NieR: Automata that no one knew aboutRecently, information appeared on the network that in NieR: Automatons have found a secret location, which they unofficially called the “church”. Many considered this a secret of the game, but it turned out to be a modification. About the told mod developers themselves.

It turned out that such adjustments are possible, although fans previously believed otherwise. The authors thanked the players for their support and admitted they weren’t counting on such hype. They also clarified that the videos did not use any editing or video effects, all of this actually happened in-game. In addition, they mentioned the nicknames of those who made the change.

In the near future, the developers of the mod for NieR: Automata promise to publish it so that everyone can visit the new location.

This is what it looked like in game:

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Source: VG Times



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