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Diablo Immortal made over $100 million from smartphones


Despite all the discontent of the fans, the developers Diablo Immortal was able to earn more than $100 million in the App Store and Google Play in 8 weeks since the game’s launch. Note that the game takes 13th place in the overall ranking of the most profitable mobile games, and 4th place within the RPG genre. Among MMORPGs, it generally ranks second.

It is expected that after the game’s release in China, revenue from the game will grow even more. A mobile hit was released there on July 25, but Diablo Immortal has already reached the top position in the local App Store.

It should be noted that the first places in terms of donations are taken by the US, South Korea and Japan.

Earlier in the game, new features appeared. For example, there you can change the character class for free, but you can only do this once a week.

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Source: VG Times



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