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Full walkthrough of As Dusk Falls. How do you get the best ending?


As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama in which the player will have to immerse himself in the atmosphere of an interactive movie, get acquainted with a captivating story and try to save all the characters. In this guide, we describe a detailed walkthrough and note the consequences of important decisions.

Please note: the material may contain spoilers.

Throughout the game, users will encounter QTE scenes. We recommend that you do not miss such events, so unless otherwise instructed by us, please try to use the appropriate keys to achieve an identical result with the guide. We will also try to maintain warm and friendly relations with all heroes.

It’s worth noting that some decisions can drastically affect the hero’s storyline. In addition to indicating the possible consequences, we highlight a few choices in a separate color:

  • Blue – the selected replica in the dialog.
  • Red— unused events.

We will lead the player to the best ending and at the end of the guide we will list the most important decisions that need to be made to get the best ending.

Book 1: Collision

After the introductory video, choose one of the suggested options. We looked up at the sky. We quickly learn the current location and, if necessary, use “I’m not done”get extra time. The girl will ask about the number of stars on her backpack. Good answer – “Six”.

We start the car and hit the road. Dial in a conversation “Let’s Pretend It’s a Vacation”. We match the spouse using the option “Maybe It’s True”. During the dispute, we stop the grandfather… “Jim, That’s Enough”. After the collision, press the buttons indicated on the screen in time to stop the car.

Fast forward to another hero – Jay. We ask a question “Who lives here?” and remember the code “5926”. We climb over the fence, throw a stick at the dog and successfully perform QTE to lock him in the barn.

In conversation we use “Do not let yourself be distracted”examine any two objects and apply the option “Maybe another time”. Once Jay sees the sheriff’s wife, the story continues with Vince.

We wait for the manager and do not ring the bell. We use the option “Please” and get the keys to two rooms. We let our daughter watch TV.

After Jim’s arrival, we make the first important choice:

  • “Go with Jim.” The man will tell about his illness and ask him to stay with the hero and his family. We used this choice and activated the replicas one by one “Fear of Uncertainty”, “But now you’re with us” and “I’ll Talk to Michelle”to maintain a relationship with his father;
  • “Stay with Michelle.” Vince hears the same information, but Jim will then be offended by his son.

Upon returning to the motel, robbers will attack the heroes. From now on, the story continues to Jay and the events of thirty minutes ago.

We won’t let the woman go to the panic button and activate the replica “We Won’t Touch You”. We check the photo, bookcase and table. Take another look at the shelves. Enter the code “5926”. We answer brother “This is for the family”.

When the sheriff returns, successfully perform QTE and leave his house. If we fail at least one click, we make an important choice:

  • “Run to the door.” The brothers will escape, but Dale will shoot the police officer;
  • “Fight the Sheriff.” Jack will attack the agent and the heroes will be able to get out of the brawl.

We return to the motel. Sequentially select replicas “Can You Trust”, “Try to Negotiate” and “She’s Not Joking”. The player will have to make a series of important choices, but not all of them will lead to significant changes in the plot. Let’s do the first:

  • “Throw”. Vince will lower the sawed-off shotgun, Jay will distract Joyce, and Tyler and his company will get their guns back;
  • “Goal”. The same thing will happen, only this time Tyler will punch Vince in the stomach.

We use a replica “Can’t you live without it?”. We make another choice:

  • “Calm the dog.” Vince won’t be able to calm the animal right away;
  • “Calm down Dale.” The man will be even angrier.

Trying to calm the dog again:

  • “Calm down Zeus.” Vince will try to calm the dog again. This will not work and the animal will run away from the owner. So Dale will kick the dog to calm him down;
  • “Ask not to interfere.” Vince will stop Joyce and Jay will be able to calm the animal.

If the player tried to calm the dog both times, Dale will force Vince to seal the girl’s mouth:

  • “Close your mouth.” Vince will follow Dale’s instructions.
  • “To refuse”. The robber will take out the hero with one hit. This decision will have no serious consequences.

In the dialogue, we do not inform the robbers about all family members and use the replica “Together with my father”. When Vince comes face to face with Tyler, activate the “You’re wrong” option.

After the police officer arrives at the motel, the hero will again have to make a choice:

  • “Hide the evidence.” Michelle and Zoya come to the reception alone. The girl will notice the brooch on the floor and the officer will pay attention to it.
  • “Leave evidence.” Dale will find Vince’s family and take them to the front desk. After the conversation, the policeman leaves the facility.

In either case, the player will have to answer several questions from the officer. Not all replicas will have significant impact, but when activating the first option it is not recommended to use an event “We pack and leave”Or Tyler will shoot the cop. We used replicas:

  1. “with father”.
  2. “Not my car.”
  3. “We are moving”.
  4. “Criminals on the run”.

If you activate the option during the agent’s departure “For assistance”the officer will leave the motel and call for backup.

Tyler wants to leave the motel and take Michelle with him. Making a choice:

  • “Begging”. Vince will try to trade with his wife, but to no avail, so one of the two remaining options will have to be used;
  • “Attack Tyler.” After a successful QTE, Vince grabs a sawed-off shotgun and points it at the mugger;
  • “Get the gun.” Same as in the previous version, but this event will impress Tyler.

If Vince managed to snatch the weapon, there’s one more decision to make:

  • “Surrender.” Vince will return the sawed-off shotgun to Tyler. The robber will point the weapon at the hero and pull the trigger;
  • “Shoot Tyler.” Vince uses the trigger.

Don’t worry – in all cases none of the characters will die, as Tyler previously took the cartridges out of the magazine.

At the beginning of the episode, the police arrive at the motel. If Vince hasn’t told the cop important information, Joyce will. A little later, she tells the hero about this in a conversation.

To be continued…

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