Blade’s Return Revealed by Wesley Snipes in New Marvel Movie

Actor Wesley Snipes, best known for his role as Blade from the movies of the same name, has revealed his return in this image in the new film. miraclethat impressed the fans.

It is known that Blade will soon make an official appearance in the MCU movie universe, where he will fully join the company of another superhero. Actor Wesley Snipes, in turn, is known to many viewers precisely because of the role of Blade from the last trilogy. Snipes recently gave a new interview, saying he’s ready to return to this image in new Marvel movies. According to the actor, he is completely open to returning to the role of Blade if the Marvel producers give him the chance. Wesley Snipes says he’s ready to play this superhero for as long as he can.

During the interview, the actor shared his thoughts about his comeback. “Never say never”. As long as I’m healthy and in good shape I can still rock. But I don’t know yet if something similar will happen in the future. I don’t know about it. I think if it should have happened, it would have already happened. But never say never. Marvel Studios has not contacted me yet,” admitted Wesley Snipes. The actor confirmed that he was ready to play Blade again, but also noted that Marvel Studios had not contacted him about this. turned Snipes and said they would like him to return to this role in new movies.

It’s worth noting that actor Mahershala Ali has been officially named the new Blade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The shooting of the new “Blade” with Mahershala should start in July this year. This makes the film part 5 of the Marvel phase.

Source: Game Bomb


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