The Elder Scrolls 6 fans have revealed something that has never happened before

While gamers around the world wait for the release The Elder Scrolls 6fans of this series of games wanted a sequel to what has never been in the franchise.

Company Bethesda although it announced The Elder Scrolls 6 a few years ago, it never took on the full development of an open world action game. Fans are sure that the creators of the game have not yet decided on all the mechanics and features of the expected game, so they share their ideas on social networks and forums. One of the most popular ideas was the opportunity to travel together through the world of TES VI. Fans have clarified that they are aware of The Elder Scrolls Online’s existence, but view MMO as a very different kind of gameplay that doesn’t unlock the potential of a story-based game that can be played with a friend. As an example, they unveiled one of the previous installments of the franchise.

It turns out that a new mod for Morrowind is gaining popularity among fans of this open-world action series. This will allow you to play the game in co-op, which they would love to see in The Elder Scrolls VI Fans are thrilled with the change, as you can jump into action with a friend at any time: clear a dungeon in 20 minutes, spend an hour in the city crafting and enchanting together, or spend several hours on a long journey that a series of quests. At the same time, players can scatter in different directions at any time. Someone decides to upgrade the hack and his partner will go through several tasks of the Guild of Mages at the same time.

Gamers also noted that they explore locations with friends that they hadn’t noticed before. Considering the size of the world of The Elder Scrolls 6, it is very useful to have friends to help you find new interesting places. In addition, the flexible development system allows you to choose the most unusual builds in pairs to complement each other.

The mod for Morrowind is called TES3MP. Due to the limitations of the original game’s engine, it can only be used in OpenMW. This is a source code project that completely transfers the original game without any changes to a more flexible engine.

Action TES 6 will be released on PC and Xbox Series X. Whether the release will take place on PS5 is still unknown. The Elder Scrolls 6 is expected to be released about 3 years after Starfield. The Bethesda space action release is scheduled for early 2023.

Source: Game Bomb


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