The most beautiful girl in the world has been chosen and is causing pain to netizens

Amber Heard

It became known about the owner of the title of the most beautiful girl in the world, which caused pain for many netizens.

dr. Julian De Silva of the Center for Advanced Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgery in London called it the most beautiful girl in the world. The expert used the face mapping method to determine which of the girls has the most perfect face in the world. According to a study by Dr. Julian De Silva is the owner of the most perfect face in the world the star of the movie “Aquaman 2” actress Amber Heard, which has recently become a frequent topic of discussion on the network. It is noted that Heard has the ideal proportions of the face, according to the Greek formula of the “golden ratio”.

In addition to actress Amber Heard, who recently lost a lawsuit against Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp), expert Julian De Silva named other owners of the most beautiful face. For example, Marvel movie star actress Scarlett Johansson has the most perfect eyes and model Emily Ratajkowski has the most perfect lips. The list of the most beautiful girls also included the model Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian). According to Julian De Silva, Kim has the most perfect eyebrows.

It is worth noting that the status of the most beautiful girl and the owner of the most beautiful face, which was awarded to actress Amber Heard by the Center of Plastic Surgery, infuriated many Internet users. The commentators disagreed with such results, adding that there are other famous girls who are much more beautiful than Aquaman 2 star Amber Heard.

Source: Game Bomb


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