for creating videos, editing photos, writing text and recording audio

Today, neural networks have become an integral part of our reality. They are used to create art and video, they are used for voice acting and improving image quality. Perhaps in the future, most movies and video games will be made by artificial intelligence, instead of real humans. But now you can take advantage of the possibilities of neural networks. You will find the most useful programs in our article.

Advice: If you don’t want to pay money to use the neural network and the free period has ended, try registering with a different email address and logging in from a second browser or an additional device. If this does not help or if this option does not exist, use a trial subscription to another program.

Neural networks for working with images

If you need to draw art based on text comments, you can use the following neural networks:

  • Bing Image Creator. Input languages: Russian and English. You need a VPN to work;
  • Kandinsky 3.0. Input languages: Russian and English;
  • “Masterpiece”. Input language: Russian;
  • Wombo’s dream. Input language: English;
  • Starjai. Input language: English;
  • Art breeder. Input language: English;
  • Chalk. Input language: English.

We’ve collected specific examples of using neural networks to create images in a separate collection.

The neural network result for the text query “Tommy Gun Mafia”

Have you experimented with Midjourney’s capabilities?

There are situations when you need to improve the quality of a photo, art, or other image. If you have such a need, use these neural networks:

  • LargeJPG. Enhanced details, noise reduction, 20 free processing;
  • Waifu2x. Noise reduction, resolution improvement. Designed for working with anime images;
  • AI image magnifier. Removing the background and unnecessary details, increasing the resolution. 8 free treatments per month;
  • Vance A.I. Eliminate blur and turn real photos into cartoon drawings.
  • CreativeAI. Automatically retouch faces, colorize black and white images, create animations from static frames.

Last October we conducted an experiment: using the Loopsie neural network, we turned famous video game heroines into characters from the anime series. You can view the results via the link.

Neural networks for working with video

We are currently testing the new neural network Sora from OpenAI. You can register for this. We recommend logging in via VPN. However, we cannot guarantee that your application will be approved.

If you want to improve an existing video, use neural networks from our list:

  • Show. Frames video, recognizes faces, balances sound, selects music, adds subtitles. In free mode, it produces videos at 720p resolution.
  • Pixop. Enhances video up to 8K resolution, eliminating jitter, improving clarity, removing artifacts and blur. The free version works for 14 days.
  • Track. Suppresses noise, works with backgrounds, improves image quality and removes all objects from the video. You can create three new videos for free.
  • Description. Changes the background, increases the resolution to 4K, makes the sound better and narrates the video in a different voice. You can generate an hour of video for free.

Please note that all neural networks that work with videos require a VPN connection.