Excellent cosplay on Elvira from beauties from Russia and not only

You probably know Elvira from the 1988 film of the same name. However, this is not the first and far from the last appearance of the heroine on TV screens. In addition, the Mistress of Darkness itself is still popular in fan culture. In this article, we have collected the best cosplay for her.

Who is Elvira Mistress of the Darkness?

In the 1980s, American television began broadcasting The Elvira Show, a combination of comedy and horror. It was presented by actress Cassandra Peterson, a black haired beauty with big breasts. The transfer was a success, so the rights holders soon decided to turn it into a feature film. While the film retained all the recognizable features of the original show, it failed at the box office. After 13 years, a sequel was released, which was also unsuccessful with the public. However, Cassandra herself has repeatedly returned to the image of Elvira, both at various Comic Con and in the form of short releases on Netflix.

Neo Geisha

In both films, Elvira played a can-can dancer. People in the area knew about her activities and some even asked to organize a show especially for them. However, the girl still did not have enough money to live on. So, in the first film, she came to a provincial town to receive her wealthy aunt’s inheritance. But in reality, everything turned out not to be so simple. Elvira cosplay was created by Neo Geisha. We have devoted a separate article to this beauty. Photographer – Bergmoth. Retouch – Maddard.

Alex Ouroboros

The second film is loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. In it, Elvira accidentally ends up in Count Vladimir’s castle. At night, the ghost of his first wife, Elura, who was brutally murdered for treason, roams this house. Elvira resembles her and therefore arouses inexplicable sympathy from the Count. True, the girl does not answer. She was dressed up by Alex Ouroboros. Photographer – Double Shot.

Helly Valentine

In terms of genre, both films about Elvira are parodies. In addition, they ridiculed horror films as well as films that were simply popular at the time, for example Rambo (First Blood). Local jokes are more silly than witty, but they manage to bring a smile even today. The image of Elvira was brought to life by Helly Valentine. We wrote about this girl in our article about cosplayers with the prettiest butts.

Who should we collect cosplay for next?

Pain Sama

Both in Elvira’s show and in full-length films, the beauty of the main character was actively emphasized. She walked in outfits with a plunging neckline, showing off her legs with pleasure, and at the beginning of the second film there was a scene designed for lovers of feminine feet. The people in the neighborhood either tried to achieve intimacy with the girl or defiantly condemned her free-spirited behavior. Elvira cosplay was created by Pain Sama. Photographer – Art of Pain.

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Tanya Kirik

On the eve of Halloween 2021, Elvira returned to the screens. On the streaming service, Netflix launched a series of videos starring Cassandra Peterson in the title role. Cosplay for Elvira was created by Tanya Kirik. Photographer – Ghiaccio.

Milena Hime

In addition to the love of people, Cassandra Peterson also had problems. In particular, she was sued by Maila Nurmi, who decided that the actress had stolen her vampire image. This lady hosted her own horror show in the 50s, but no records have survived to this day. You can only see Mila in the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space, which is considered one of the worst movies in history. And although the images of Elvira and Vampira are very similar, the court sided with Cassandra, because the rights to the character have lost their relevance in 20 years. The cosplay for the Mistress of Darkness was created by Milena Hime.

Excellent cosplay on Elvira from beauties from Russia and not only

Oksana Rumyantseva

Elvira turned out to be the main and only significant success in Cassandra Peterson’s career. The girl starred in other films, but now almost no one remembers them. Elvira cosplay was created by Oksana Rumyantseva. Photographer – Nikita Kraev.


Is it possible to explain the people’s love for Elvira? Naturally! For many guys, she was one of the main sex symbols. And the girls looked at her with admiration and dreamed of becoming like her. A similar situation arose around the images of Jessica Rabbit, Gadget, Lola Bunny and many others. The image of Elvira was brought to life by Christa. Photographer – Nastya Tabachnikova.

Whose Elvira do you like the most?

Source: VG Times


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