Home Gaming Popular 3 games on PC are given away for free and permanently

Popular 3 games on PC are given away for free and permanently


Again, gamers have the opportunity to get 3 popular games on PC in one go in their collection for free.

A new batch of games has been unveiled that will be given to PC gamers for free. First on the list was action supraland The developers themselves describe their project as a mix of puzzle Portal with platformer Metroid and open world adventure Zelda. Players will have the chance to explore the sandbox world, where there are a myriad of hidden secrets. The more of them the player gets, the stronger he will become. To reach them, you have to solve different puzzles. At the same time, players are waiting for battles in the style of classic dynamic shooters such as DOOM and Quake.

A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition is the second game in the free selection to complete the collection on PC. This is a digital version of the critically acclaimed board game based on the very popular TV series Game of Thrones. Gamers can take control of Lannister, Starks or representatives of other major universes. To seize control of the Seven Kingdoms, you must lead the troops, build intrigue and gain the trust of allies.

Simulator is the third game this week Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 This is a realistic car repair game that allows you to explore real vehicles down to the smallest detail.

Supraland is now available for free. The promotion ends on June 23. At the same time, you can add the remaining 2 games to your collection. All 3 projects are distributed in the Epic Games Store service.

Source: Game Bomb



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