Venom 3 Officially Revealed by Tom Hardy

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The famous Hollywood actor Tom Hardy officially showed the new superhero thriller “Venom 3”, the main character of which visited the cinema universe miracle

Fans of Spider-Man and other characters from his universe are looking forward to information about the Venom movie. Fans loved both films about the adventures of the antihero, and after the appearance of the symbiote in the action movie Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, their interest increased several times. However, there was no news about the long-awaited triquel, but now the protagonist Tom Hardy has decided to please future viewers. He showed them the movie Venom 3 in the first picture, which will start filming the sequel.

Much to the regret of the fans, Tom Hardy did not show the movie “Venom 3” or even its first frames. His photo showed filmstrip fans only the first page of the script for the future blockbuster. The non-schematic depiction of Venom himself, as well as his long red tongue. The full name of the film is not mentioned in the script, but the authors are mentioned. Venom 3 was co-written by Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel. She also turned the story into a movie script. In addition, Marcel collaborated on the previous two parts of Venom.

Now we know for sure that the movie “Venom 3” will hit theaters. However, it is not yet known when the shooting will start and when viewers will be able to see the action film in the cinema.

Source: Game Bomb


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