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CS:GO decided to change flash grenades and showed a new variant


In the popular online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive decided to change flash grenades and change their effect completely. The new variant can already be seen in a gameplay video.

fans CS:GO began to discuss the problem of stun grenades in the shooter. It turned out that many gamers absolutely do not like the blinding effect and its implementation by developers of valve A flash of bright light hurts the eyes and can damage your eyesight. One of the fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive figured out how to replace the original blind in the shooter to make the lives of players who spend hours in their favorite game easier. He offered two options.

The first simply changes Counter-Strik: Global Offensive’s blindness screen from white to black. It looks strange, but for the eyes no problem. The second does not make the image completely black, but only at the edges. A spot will stay in the center, but it’s very blurry, so it won’t work to get information about enemies. CS:GO fans liked both options, but they started poking fun at the all-black screen, seeing themselves in the monitor’s reflection at that point.

While discussing the new effects of the CS:GO flash grenade, one of the gamers upset the rest of the fans. He stated that he is a programmer with a lot of experience and that he has been making serious adjustments to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shooter for more than 5 years. In his opinion, it will be very difficult to implement a new version of dazzle from a “flash drive”. To do this, you do not need to modify the existing version, but create a completely new version with many new parameters and functions. It’s unlikely that Valve’s developers will decide on such a change in the near future, the fans decided.

Valve’s CS:GO shooter is available for free on Steam. The game has been in the top three most popular platform games for years.

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