A long-term survival game with an open world, transportation, crafting and building was released on Steam. But his rating is only 15%

QI Games has released an open-world survival simulator called Dead Matter in Steam Early Access, which has been in development for over five years. It is noteworthy that on the very first day the project received very negative feedback from gamers.

At the time of writing, the Dead Matter rating is only 15%.

This is what gamers write:

“One of the most broken early access games I’ve ever played in 30 years. I had 6 crashes in an hour, multiplayer has serious sync and vehicle issues. It’s just not worth the money until this endless list of bugs is fixed, and I’m not sure they ever will be fixed.”– psisyn.

“What is it? How did you manage to release this after so many years? Steam is full of games where one person makes a better product for their hard-earned money. Here, the development team couldn’t even make a working build for $5 million “Fraudsters in one word”— Ascetic (-_-).

“The game performs almost as poorly as it did many years ago during closed alpha testing. Zombies walk through cars. Constant friezes”-vanceblastovik.