New Captain America unveiled with new Marvel movie

Captain America Marvel

American company miracle unveiled a new Captain America with a new solo movie about a superhero confronting his sworn enemies.

It was announced that Marvel is launching a new solo movie about Captain America. This time, however, it’s an alternate version of him from another universe. We are talking about the beloved of the first Avenger Steve Rogers. In another reality, Peggy Carter received the super soldier serum in his place and became known as the superhero Captain Carter. She uses Captain America’s shield, but has the British flag painted on it. Marvel fans have already seen her twice. First time in the animated series What If…? (What If…?) and the second time in the new blockbuster “Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness” (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). The producers liked the reaction of the audience to her appearance in the action movie, so they decided to give her a solo project.

The new Captain America was told by insider Derek Cornell (Derek Cornell). He claims that the project is already in development with the collaboration of actress Hayley Atwell (Hayley Atwell). It certainly won’t be a cartoon or a new season of the animated series. At the moment, however, it is not known what exactly filmstrip fans can expect. The Adventures of Captain Carter could be released as a Disney+ TV series or as a solo movie. At the same time, it is still unknown whether the heroine will somehow be connected with previous adaptations. The authors of the movie “Doctor Strange 2” have already stated that their version of Peggy and the version from the animated series live in different realities. Perhaps in the new Captain America, the audience will get to see the third superheroine with a shield.

When Hayley Atwell’s new Captain America will appear, the insider doesn’t know. The movie Captain America 4 is also expected, in which Sam Wilson, better known as the Falcon, will play the role of Cap.

Source: Game Bomb


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