McDonald’s decided to return to Russia with one condition:


It became known that McDonald’s, a popular chain of fast food restaurants around the world, decided to return to Russia, but with one condition.

The network has information about the fast food chain McDonald’s, which officially stopped operations in the Russian Federation at the beginning of this year. Two food market sources close to this situation have expressed the company’s desire to return. At the same time, a return under a new brand is considered the most important option. The McDonald’s restaurant chain is changing name and design to continue operating without restrictions. The company’s management believes that they have managed to create about 800 “buyer attractions”. This allows them to make more profit even if they leave the famous McDonald’s brand.

Restaurant experts believe that this solution can really work. However, McDonald’s must act now as the network loses a lot of money every day and the market is also ceding to its competitors and new players. At the same time, the brand change allows franchise partners to reduce payments to continue operating under a new name. Sources say the final decision on McDonald’s return has not yet been made. Representatives of the fast food restaurant chain did not make any official comment. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has not yet commented on this situation.

McDonald’s ceased operations in Russia on March 14, 2022. Officially, the decision is explained by problems with logistical and operational processes.

Source: Game Bomb


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