In the movie “Minecraft” the actor revealed for the role of Steve


The network has new information about the upcoming movie Minecraft Minecraft‘), which the actor revealed for the lead role of Steve.

It is rumored that Jason Momoa, best known for his role as Aquaman from the movie of the same name, could star in the Minecraft movie with live actors. The film is being produced by Warner Bros., which is currently in talks with Momoa. It is worth noting that the Minecraft tape was announced a long time ago, but information about it appeared extremely rarely. Now journalists say Aquaman and Dune star Jason Momoa will star. So far, the details of the hero Momoa are not available, but it is quite possible that he will play the role of Steve, the main character of the Minecraft game.

It is also reported that the director of the movie “Minecraft” is currently Jared Hess (Jared Hess). Other than Jason Momoa and Hess, there are no other cast or crew details. Also, absolutely nothing is known about the plot of the Minecraft movie itself. It is worth noting that Minecraft has been in development since 2014. The project has already changed several directors. In addition, Shawn Levy, known for the films “Protagonist”, “Real Steel”, “Night at the Museum” and others, was previously announced as a director. It is not yet clear whether the creation of “Minecraft” with Jason Momoa and Jared Hess will go ahead.

The Minecraft movie is based on the Minecraft game developed by the Mojang studio. Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the open world.

Source: Game Bomb


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