Creatures from Minecraft were shown alive and scared the players


A new video has surfaced online showing creatures from the popular game Minecraft turned into living beings and terrifying players.

In the Minecraft game, there are a significant number of the most diverse creatures that players will encounter. They all look in the same style as the game itself and therefore do not stand out from the general background and look quite normal. However, a netizen under the nickname Slight_Crazy decided to show all fans videos in which Minecraft mobs appeared in a realistic style, and therefore resemble living creatures with not the most attractive appearance. In the presented video you can see the following mobs: Creeper, Wanderer of the Edge, Gast, Wither, Ifrit and Ancient Guardian.

Netizens in the comments under the video admitted that realistic mobs from Minecraft look scary. “It’s just kind of horror. Realistic Minecraft would be a nightmare”, “Minecraft 2 will look like this”, “Wow the ghost scares me”, “What did my eyes just see?” commenters wrote. At the same time, despite the fact that Minecraft’s creatures look scary to some, netizens still praised the author, noting that he managed to create high-quality mob models.

Created by Mojang, Minecraft is one of the most popular open world sandbox games. The game world itself consists of cube-shaped blocks of different materials. In Minecraft, players have complete freedom of action. You can build, research, collect resources, search for different hidden places and more.

Source: Game Bomb


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