10 games are now forever free on Steam. There is an RPG in the spirit of Final Fantasy with a rating of 97% and a Russian postman simulator

A lot of freebies have appeared on Steam in the past few days. Ten games moved to a completely free distribution model at once. You can add them to your library and play without restrictions. We’re talking about projects like Dark Home, Familia, UNHERD, Audio Infection, Tale of the Fragmented Star: Single Fragment Version, Save and Conquer: 8 Years, Russian Mailman Simulator, SkeleToon: Forget Memories, StarMaker VR, and RD’s Adventure Mini Golf.

Dark Home is an asymmetrical multiplayer first-person horror game in which gamers must find themselves in a gloomy haunted house. For him, by the way, a real player will have to play. The ghost’s job is to arrange a living hell for his nightmare’s unwanted guests.