Bethesda Confirms Link Between Dishonored and Deathloop Universes

Almost immediately after release Deathloop users have suggested that this game is in the same universe as dishonored. And now it’s officially confirmed.

As part of the Xbox podcast, this was told by Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba. According to him, the developers did not want to focus on connecting games at first, but changed their mind.

The shooter himself has many references to Dishonored and the events take place many years later Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, although there is no exact number. Bakaba also revealed that his favorite Easter eggs are the Dunwall Imperial Armory logo and the “DUNW” serial number on the Heritage Gun.

Bethesda Confirms Link Between Dishonored and Deathloop UniversesLogo on weaponsLogo on weapons

You can read about Deathloop in our article. And here’s an explanation of all of the game’s plot points.🍓 New NieR Automata Cartoonable Figure 2B Introduced

Source: VG Times


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